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The Learjet Brand is Iconic

Learjet is a name synonymous with executive class travel, high performance, and rugged reliability. Learjet was founded in the late 1950s with aircraft seeing use in both civilian and military capacities. Proving reliable and effective in stressful military environments, Learjet aircraft have proven themselves as the jet of choice for the savvy business traveler, charter plane outfit, or even for military purposes. Just as one thinks "Mack Truck" or "Peterbilt" when asked to name a big rig truck with a great reputation, Learjet is the name that comes to mind when one is asked about small to medium, executive class jet aircraft.

A Variety of Learjet Aircraft Are Available To Fit Any Budget

When searching Trade-A-Plane's massive inventory for a new plane, or a quality used Learjet for sale, the first thing you'll notice is the ability to choose an airplane that fits a variety of budgets. Shopping for a used Learjet is a great way to experience the joy of owning a truly world-class airplane without having to overextend financially. Many Learjet planes that are flying today have been meticulously maintained and are a pleasure to fly - and to fly in! A history of building airplanes with sumptuous interiors, flexible work spaces, and well-insulated and welcoming cabins has led to generations of Learjet jets all working toward the same goal - indulge the occupants, ensure safe and reliable travel, and perform efficiently.

A Learjet 24 is a classic design that was a significant improvement over the previous Learjet 23. Powered by two General Electric turbojet engines, the model 24 increased the maximum loaded weight capacity by 1,000 pounds over the model 23. It also added more windows for better visibility from the cabin and a lighter, more airy feel to the passenger compartment. The Learjet 25 is a stretched version of the model 24, and allows for 2 crew members and up to 8 passengers. This is a fantastic model for a charter operation as it allows for greater flexibility in transporting large parties, and has enhanced load carrying capacity over previous generations. The Learjet 35 is a slightly shortened version that holds 6-8 flyers and has a notable benefit versus other previous units. The model 35 has the option for enlarged and auxiliary fuel tanks that allow it to have a safe range of more than 2,300 miles. This make for nearly cross-country flying ability and makes for convenient flying when you don't have to refuel mid trip. Rounding out the Learjet family of business jets is the Learjet 60. Able to cruise at over 530 mph with a 2,700-mile range, the model 60 is a truly world-class jet that affords the operator high speed, cross-country ability in a svelte and luxurious package.

Using Trade-A-Plane's sophisticated yet simple search tool, one can delve into the complete line of Learjet models available today. Our mission is to connect buyers and sellers of Learjet aircraft in a quick, safe, and effective manner. Regardless of the type of Learjet you are searching for, we have the resources to help you today!