• For Sale
  • 1961
  • N2503N
  • 1F0319
  • Tillamook, OR USA

110000 $110,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1961
  • N2503N
  • 1F0319
  • Tillamook, OR USA

General Specs (cont.)


185 SMOH





Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Join the Fun at Oshkosh with this MiG-17F (Actually a Lim 6  bis). Ready to Ferry, Self Start, Drop Tanks. Inboard Weapons Pylon, Needs annual and radios. TT 1822.4, After Burning VK-1 (Lis 5) Engine 1304 TT (185 SMOH), $110,000.

Avionics / Equipment

Self-start batteries installed, Avionics installed include:
King Gold Crown 2 KTR900A Nav/Com, 1 KNR600A VOR/LOC Rcvr, 1 KEM691 GS/MKR, 1 KXP750A Xpndr, and 1 KAA455 Audio Panel. (Current operational condition doubtful, not able to communicate with Nav/Coms [could be grounding issue] but no avionics shop available at airport. Part of logic for the installation of these heavy avionics was to maintain Wt & Bal after removal of original avionics).
Airspeed Indicator in knots and a Litton encoding altimeter were also installed.


Polish built version of MiG-17F with inboard weapons pylon, drop tanks, simulated 23mm and 37mm cannons, and landing drag chute fairing which is unique to the Lim 6bis configuration. Clean cockpit. The airplane has not flown in several years but has been actively maintained which includes engine runs. It has been hangered since it was reassembled and restored. In Polish service the Lim 6bis had an airframe TBO of 500 hrs. N2503N has 136 since Polish OH and 4.4 since restoration.
Self start batteries installed.

Engines / Mods / Prop

The Lis 5 is a license-built copy of the Russian VK1F. The VK1 was developed from the Rolls Royce Nene with thrust increasing from 5,000 lbs. to 6,000 lbs. The VK1F (Lis 5) with afterburner produces 7,450 lbs. In Polish service Lis 5 TBO is approximately 200 hrs. N2503N has 185 SMOH but FAA approved maintenance provides for operation "On Condition" which is typical for MiG15/17 aircraft. Inspection and photos show the turbine wheel in excellent condition and no evidence of any "hot spots."

Interior / Exterior

Basic military interior. Cockpit is clean, gunsight has been removed for visibility. Ejection seat would need new charge to become operational.
Airspeed indicator is in knots. Flaps, speedbarkes and flight controls function normally.
Exterior has an attractive air superiority paint scheme using Imron, photos attached.


Use of afterburner during takeoff not recommended due to inadequate cooling until gear has been retratced. Requires shallow dive to go supersonic with afterburner. Climb rate with aftertburner is spectacular.