1966 CESSNA 337A

  • For Sale
  • 1966
  • CESSNA 337A
  • N6361F
  • Not Listed
  • Osage, IA USA

42500 $42,500 USD

Thomas Madden

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  • For Sale
  • 1966
  • CESSNA 337A
  • N6361F
  • Not Listed
  • Osage, IA USA

Thomas Madden


General Specs (cont.)



900 SMOH

231 SOH

100 SOH

1370 lb




Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

1966 Cessna 337A.  $42,500.  This is NOT a project.  Price reflects the market demand (minimal) paint (its old/solid orange), avionics (great transponder, ok radios and obsolete GPS) and not perfect.  Approximate times are 4,000 TT, RE 900 SMOH, R-Prop 100 TSO (new style prop), FE 30 IRAN, F-Prop 231 TSO.  Times will change as I fly it every week or so. Front engine was recently replaced with an old rebuild that was never installed.  Prior to installing on this plane in October of 2023, all components from the case out were replaced with new or overhauled parts including lifters, pistons, cylinders, fuel injection system, mags and other accessories.  Case was not split because crankshaft is nonVAR.  Internals were clean and showed copious amounts of assembly lube.  Factory Oxygen. Has all 6 seats.  Interior 7/10 no rips but some stains, exterior 5/10. My mission has changed to local flying and it is time to build a kit plane. Due to spam calls, respond through the add and I will call you back.  I may be able to ferry the plane

Avionics / Equipment

Tachometer was replaced with digital one at last annual
Attitude indicator replaced at last annual
Lynx NGT9000 transponder ADS-B
Garmin/Apollo SL20 nav/com.  Nav side lights up and changes channels, but no reception. 
Garmin/Apollo SL30 com
Garmin/Apollo GX (obsolete - no database updates anymore)
Intercom wired to front seats only
No autopilot


Airframe I give a 5/10 due to color and paint condition.  Paint is faded, but no major chipping.  Good windshield.  Front side glass (pilot and door) was replaced 4 years ago.  Remaining glass is cloudy. Has long range fuel and factory oxygen.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Rear engine was field overhauled by previous owner (A/P) and had a cylinder replaced at the last annual.  Front engine was replaced with an engine that was rebuilt a long time ago and never put in service.  It was stored well with no interior corrosion but no logbook.  Since there was no logbook, I elected to remove all the parts from the lifters out and replace with new or overhauled parts - see picture of logbook entry.  The case was not split due to a nonVAR crankshaft.

Interior / Exterior

Interior is in reasonable condition.  No tears in the headliner or seats, but there is some staining.  Stains may or may not come out - I have not tried.  Most interior plastic is in good condition with the exception of plastic near the door from going in and out.