1979 CESSNA 414A

  • For Sale
  • 1979
  • CESSNA 414A
  • 535CR
  • 414A0244
  • Knox, IN USA

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  • For Sale
  • 1979
  • CESSNA 414A
  • 535CR
  • 414A0244
  • Knox, IN USA

General Specs (cont.)


347 SMOH

347 SMOH

347 SOH

347 SOH

1885 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Rare highest quality Cessna 414A. Over $550,000 in upgrades alone. Very low hour Ram VII engines, Garmin glass panel avionics. New luxury leather interior like a jet. New paint. Can fly higher than king air C90. Your own personal mini airliner. Please watch the full detailed video to see the capabilities of this plane. Our videos are considered the best aircraft reviews and our channel has over one million views.

Avionics / Equipment

Flightstream 510
Garmin G600 PFD / MFD
Garmin GDL 69A XM weather
Garmin GMA 35c remote audio panel
Garmin GTN650 touchscreen GPS/NAV/COMM
Garmin GTN750 touchscreen GPS/NAV/COMM
Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B In and Out transponder
JPI EDM-790 digital engine monitor
6 place intercom
Bendix weather radar
Shaden digital fuel flow
Stec 60-2 autopilot
12-volt Auxiliary Power Supply (cigarette lighter style for charging GPS, iPad, iPhones, etc.)
Baggage door shocks
Electric trim
Lower entry door saver shock
Nose baggage twist locks
Yaw damper


Deice boots
Gross weight increase STC
Heated propellers
Heated windshield
RAM Winglets
Rosen Visors

Engines / Mods / Prop

GAMI Balanced Fuel Injection Nozzles
RAM VII Continental TSIO 520 NB 335hp
Tanis engine heaters
3 blade Hartzell Scimitar props


Best Cessna 414A available today with over $550,000 in upgrades alone. Only 340 hours on Ram VII engines and new props, top of the line Garmin glass panel G600, GTN750, GTN650 avionics. 50,000 lumens LED lights. New custom luxury leather interior. New paint. Winglets make it look like a modern plane. AC, heat, lavatory, It's like your own personal mini airliner. In the flight video you will see fuel cost is only 28 cents per passenger per mile. Please watch the full detailed video. You can find it at the top of this page - above the Photos there is a tab labeled 'Video'.  We have the best review videos with over one million views.

Cessna 414A Chancellor is a best in class aircraft. This plane is on another level, it looks, feels and performs like a modern airplane. Improved safety and comfort. Comfortable, large pressurized cabin with AC, heat and lavatory. All weather aircraft with certification for flight into known icing (FIKI). Even though it's not authorized, this plane has equipment to land in Zero-Zero conditions.

Highest service ceiling of 31,500ft; higher than King Air C90 turboprop. Max cruise speed of 230 knots. Carry 7 people over 1300 miles. Economy cruise will burn only 22 gph. Over 1500 lbs of cargo capacity. This 414A can climb on a single engine at full gross on a very hot day, while most other twins can't.

335 hp Ram VII engines are preferred for these planes but cost around $220,000. The engines and Hartzell Scimitar propellers have only 347 hours each; all in excellent condition. Very good compressions and clean oil analysis. Engine heaters to avoid cold starts and improve engine life, GAMI injectors and digital engine monitor to manage in flight. Engines even have a fire suppression system; rare to see in a piston plane.

Newer paint with 4 tone elegant paint theme. 3 metallic accent colors. Very attractive on the ramp. Paint costs around $45,000-50,000. All 9 exterior lights have been upgraded to LED. Combination of landing lights and taxi light produces almost 50,000 lumens. You will see in the video, it's super bright and stunning at night. 
Ram winglets improve performance, especially at higher altitudes, and give it a modern look. VGs to improve safety and reduce VMC. Dual pitot tubes and 4 static ports for redundancy.

We custom designed the interior similar to a luxury jet. One of the most elegant interiors you'll see in a plane like this. Real leather seats and light, clean side panels. It took 4 months and cost almost $50,000. Sound proofing installed and headliner in great condition. Nice storage areas; even an ice box. Lavatory also updated. It's very useful to have a plane like this. I flew up to 15,500ft to do the video, the cabin pressure was only 2000ft. Most of these planes don't hold their pressurization that well. I also had a 204 knots ground speed burning only 26 gph. That's only 28 cents a mile per passenger.

Fully upgraded avionics.
Garmin G600 glass panel primary flight display and multifunction display with synthetic vision. Garmin GTN750 and 650 combo for GPS NAV COMM. Control the latest Garmin 3D audio panel and transponder from the 750. Flightstream 510 to transfer flight plan from your iPad directly to the GPS. GTX345 ADS-B in and out transponder. XM weather. Upgraded Stec 60-2 autopilot with electric trim, roll steering and yaw damper. Everything works fine. If you like you can upgrade to the latest 3100 autopilot for around $10K.
Bendix weather radar is a somewhat older unit that has a faceplate blemish. It's only cosmetic; works fine, very useful in flight. You can tilt the radar to scan up or down to see different areas of the sky.
Digital engine monitor is the first upgrade I always want in any plane. They provide so much more information than factory gauges and are more precise. Improve engine life, save fuel, and easily troubleshoot. This 414A has JPI EDM-790 engine monitor and Shadin digital fuel flow meter so you can manage fuel.
Panel mounted 4G iPad. One of the most interesting features is an aural radar height system with call outs from 200ft down to 1 foot. It will also tell you if you forget to put the gear down.
I like that they kept the original backup gauges. Good redundancy and as pilots we won't get complacent with only glass avionics so we can be proficient on both. This avionics upgrade costs around $180,000-$200,000
All gauges are like new. A good indication of how well the plane has been maintained.
I calculated that if you were to do these upgrades today it will cost over $550,000. It is hard to find this fully upgraded, high quality airplane, especially for the price of a used Cirrus.

All logs since new, previous annuals done by well known Twin Cessna service centers. Hangared and professionally flown. No accident history. Too many very useful upgrades to list; please watch the full video. You can find the logs in the tab above the photos called 'Documents'.
You can also view this plane and the logbooks on our website: https://www.aerolifeaviation.com/Item/Index?idun=2047&1979-CESSNA-414A-Chancellor

Glad to help with any questions. Contact us 7 days a week. Arrange to see the plane even after hours or weekends at our KOXI (Knox Indiana - close to Chicago) location. We can help to find a good insurance company and financing if you need. We can transport in the lower 48 states. Please let me know of anything else you need help with.