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  • 2024
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  • Stuart, FL USA

750000 $750,000 USD
6 Place Twin Pressurized

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  • For Sale
  • 2024
  • New Registratio
  • 022
  • Stuart, FL USA

Veloce Planes

Jamie Fettig

General Specs (cont.)






1600 lb






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Detailed Description

Veloce 6 place pressurised twin - 1600 lb useful load - 160 gallons
270 KTAS @ 25,000 ft @ 22 GPH AV/MOV/Bio @ $650,000 - Piston
310 KTAS @ 25,000 ft @ 30 GPH AV/MOV/Bio @ $850,000 (340 KTAS @ 50 GPH) - Piston

AC, Garmin G3x dual glass panel, 2 comms, 1 comm head, IFR GNX 375, auto pilot and auto pilot head, custom paint job of your choice 1 color 2 accent, custom interior 1 color leather of your choice, and more. 

Basically a cirrus jet - for $750k instead of 2.5M 

And not something in theory, or maybe one day type plane from a new company. But a company already in production with a flying 4 seat plane with over 100 of lineage planes flying. And now building the 6 place plane - Summer 2024 Flying. 

Introducing for the first time ever -  anything like it at all for the price to speed . . .

Veloce 600 - twin 6 place pressurized 520 HP plane. (or 720 Hp or 800 HP turbine options)

How would you like it completely built for you - for $750k - ready to fly - you register it? (experimental) - limited number of these. 

But like so many other people who have said they are building a plane with X specs - they don't complete the project or they miss the specs  - or worse, both. This won't be us. Why?

How are we different? Why do you know you will be able to buy a plane? Because we already have 2 completed other models of planes. A 4 and 2 seat. And we did them in 14 and 12 months respectively. And we almost completed the 6 seat pressurised model. 

The Build centers in CA and NC your choice.

The composite kit parts were made in Brazil. From a guy who used to work for Embraer, Volato is the company. 

Details of Deposits and availability on website

Completed, it will have numbers like a cirrus jet, but only burn 22 GPH total,  and be IFR with glass panel doing 300+ knots in pressurized comfort. With only 3 inches less in the cabin width and height than cirrus jet. Still 6 more inches in width and 4 more in height than a cirrus plane. 

List of what is all included in the $750k version:
composite Kit built in brazil
2 engines - flat rated 300HP
Garmin Suite of G3X experimental Avionics - $30k list price for:
Garmin GNX 375 for IFR and Navigator with ADB-S in and out. 
Auto pilot and auto pilot head - auto level and ESP for over/underspeed and back to airport button (to 200 ft - you have to flair - but even at 500 ft a minute decent - still survivable landing)
Engine Indication interface. 
Two - 10.7 Inch displays for two AHRS back up. 
2 radios - one actual radio head, one remote through 2nd touch screen as back up
One color leather interior
landing gear
Stearna props - 6 blade each motor
1 base color 2 accent color paint scheme (like cirrus jet) more is extra

Make payments as we build. $50k deposit. No escrow

Two Adept 360 HP gas engines for 310 KTS at 25,000 ft = $200k more plus full carbon fiber plane
Two 400 HP Turboprop engines for 350 KTAS at 35,000 ft = $450k more

Avionics / Equipment

We recommend this install package if you want certified IFR - included in price
https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/577174 - certified GPS and ADBS in and out with weather
https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/512307/pn/010-01471-01 - radio with comms
https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/140494 - back up radio
https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/600047/pn/010-01946-00 - auto pilot head, https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/607047 - auto pilot - for 2 servos. 
https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/107443 - engine indication
https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/166058 - 2 displays

If you don't want Certified IFR - you can drop the $8k GNS 375 - and simply get ADBS for $1-3k (depends if you want in/out or just out)
If you don't want back up radio - can drop $1k
If you don't want two AHRS/display - can drop $4k for one display. 

If you want any other avionics package, you can sure get that. 
Dynon, GRT, MGL, Avidyne, or any other.


new built composite airframe - EAB

Engines / Mods / Prop


Interior / Exterior

leather interior


Interiors, we offer leather interior standard - one color. 
If you want 2 colors or colored stitching or carbon fiber panel, or something like that will be additional. 

Paint scheme - we offer 1 full color base with some basic colored striping (vinyl or paint)
If you want extra, will be extra depending on amount of complexity. 

Paint schemes and interiors of your choice.

Choices of Engines
We recommend Aerovolare Engines - as price to HP to quality - nothing beats them in our opinion
But you can do any engine you want. 

600 6 seater
AM20T - 2.0 Turbo 260 HP
TSIO 520 or 550 - IO 520 or 550
TIO 360 - rebuilt from ac-aero.com
TIO 540

http://www.Veloceplanes.com - our website
http://www.Aerovolare.com - Engine
http://www.volatoaeronaves.com.br/en/ - Company making composite parts in Brazil
http://www.vevazz.com - my company  for 11 years with 2 FDA clearances