Piston Helicopters For Sale

Piston Engine Helicopters Offer Performance and Value
Helicopters are typically powered by one of two means - either a piston motor or a turbine engine. While turbine engines allow for higher speeds and enhanced flight ceilings, they are also prohibitively expensive for most consumers. Those looking for a personal use helicopter would probably be best served with a reliable, piston-powered model that can operate in a variety of conditions and do so with modest maintenance requirements. There are a variety of top-quality piston powered makes on the market today, and they all combine the best qualities of the modern helicopter - the ability to go practically anywhere and have fun doing it! Modern helicopters are safe, fun to fly, and more affordable than ever. Advances in engineering have made them quieter, less maintenance prone, and more accommodating than ever.

Who Are The Key Players in the Piston-Powered Helicopter Market?
Robinson truly owns the recreational-duty, light helicopter market. With the R22 and R44 models accounting for a majority of the piston-powered helicopter sales figures, Frank Robinson's original design has endured through over 30 years of production. Durable, well engineered, and able to make significant power without the complexities of turbo or supercharging, the Robinson R22 is a fantastic value in the light, 2-seater, piston-powered helicopter market. The R22 is overpowered at sea level - with its Lycoming engine actually operating in a state of de-tune until it reaches altitude. Then, once the air thins a bit, the engine is able to open up and make maximum power. This allows for good low-speed/low-altitude power, yet high altitude power is maximized without the use of turbo or supercharging. Cruising at 110 mph and boasting a range of 240 miles without auxiliary tanks, the R22 is a great short-range chopper.

The Robinson R44 can be considered the big brother to the R22. A four-seat helicopter, the R44 has a higher cruise speed (130 mph), a longer range (350 miles without auxiliary tanks), and a much higher payload weight rating. The R44 is a more substantial helicopter, yet represents a phenomenal value in a sophisticated piston-powered helicopter.

Other manufacturers are also available - with makes from Bell, Hiller, and Hughes, among others, available today. Robinson may be the undisputed leader in piston-powered light helicopters, but there are several others worth considering.

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At Trade-A-Plane, our mission is to connect those that are looking for the next piston-powered helicopter for their fleet, garage, or as a company transport. Reliable and powerful, the basic design of the piston chopper suits it well for work in the tourism industry, as sightseeing vessels, and as training aircraft. No matter the type of helicopter you're looking for, at Trade-A-Plane we have the inventory you need to make your dreams a reality.