• For Sale
  • 2006
  • N789TP
  • 2369
  • McAllen, TX USA

199000 $199,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2006
  • N789TP
  • 2369
  • McAllen, TX USA

General Specs (cont.)


1450 SNEW


607 lb





Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

An exquisitely-equipped, two owner, NDH, hangared, new-wing A-1B w/ many upgrades. Well-flown and well-maintained, including an very thorough going-through by McCreery Aviation in 2023 that included new bungees (w SGS kit), new sight tubes, new engine Lord (vibration) mounts, prop overhaul and much more. Dual Garmin G-5's, GNS430W, GTX345 txp (ADS-B In/Out w traffic & wx on the 430), #2 comm & JPI EDM900 engine monitor. Other upgrades include a Powerflow Tuned Exhaust, Gate 9 Oil Temp Control, "Munson Window" left side pilot window (no obstructing vertical support) & upswept wingtips. A Baggage Door, Aft Stowage w/ L&R doors, L&R LED Landing/Taxi Lights, Heated Pitot, Rear Seat Heat & Defrost and like-new 26" Goodyear "Tundra Tires"! Other items include- mesh Wing Covers, Canopy Cover, Engine Heater w/ cellphone-triggered remote, extra tailwheel tire/tube, Fly-Ties, Tiedowns and Cowl Plugs. Eligible for the 2200# GTOW. Ask me how.

Avionics / Equipment

Comm/Nav/GPS #1: Garmin 430W		
Comm #2: Apollo SL 40	
Audio Panel/Intercom: Garmin GMA 347 (Bluetooth)
GPS #2:	Garmin 796 (hardwired)	
Electric Backup A/I: Castleberry Attitude Ind (Electric)
Transponder:	Garmin GTX 345 w/ Altitude Reporter w In/Out ADS-B
Primary A/I: Garmin G5	
HSI:  Garmin G5
Clock: Astrotech in Wingroot
Aux Power Port in L/H Wingroot
ELT:	406 Mhz	
Pilot and Copilot PTT, Add'l PTT in Pilot Stick
Bose-type Powered Headset Jacks- Pilot & Copilot	
Standard 2-Jack Pilot/Copilot Headset Jacks	
Light Wedges (No Post Lights)
Portable Comm Antenna Coupler w/ L Wing Input Jack	
OAT (Displays on HSI):	Garmin GTP 59
Heated Pitot Tube/Static Ports	
Vertical Speed Indicator
2 Bose Headsets		
1-Sky Cowboy Helmet w/ Bose
Engine Analyzer - JPI EDM 900 (LED) w/ 4 point EGT, CHT, Fuel Flow/Totalizer and Lean Assist	
Powerflow Tuned Exhaust System			
Gate 9 In-Cockpit Oil Temperature Control
B&C Oil Filter		
Challenger Air Filter
26" Goodyear Tundra Tires (New!)			
Reiff Engine Heater w/ Cellphone Remote Control	
Baggage Door		
Aft Stowage w L/R Access Doors
5 point Shoulder/Lap Belts- Pilot & Copilot	
Bruce's Lightweight Travel Canopy Cover
Cunningham Mesh Wing/Stab Covers	
Extra Front Seatback Cushion (Thin Seatback)
Front Shoulder Harness Inertial Reel	
Left & Right LED Landing/Taxi Lights
Rear Seat Heat and Defrost with Metal WEMACS	
Whelen Strobes and Nav Lights
Upswept Wingtips		
Aircraft Lifting Rings (for float installations)
Munson Window		
60 Amp Alternator
Vernier Mixture Control		
Cooling Lip
Dual Overhead Map Lights		
Polished Prop Spinner
Under Panel Map Storage Box		
Manual Engine Primer
50 Gallons Usable Fuel		
Useful Load: 607 Lbs.


TTSN: 1450
Hangared since new
Flown regularly and often

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine: 1450 TTSN- Lycoming O-360A1P 180HP
Prop: 50 Hours SMOH 80" Hartzell "Top Prop"- no RPM restrictions. Overhauled 4/23

Interior / Exterior

Paint Scheme- Birkmeyer- Peril Yellow with Aristo Blue Trim and Red Accent Stripes. Very Good Condition. Hangared S/New

Black Fabric Front & Rear Seats w/ Oregon Aero Form-Fitting Seat Foam. Varnished Teak and Holly Wood Floors in Pilot and Baggage areas. Very Good Condition


Super nice, super well equipped A-1B. Desirable, early new-wing A-1B with NDH, all logs, always hangared and truly ready to go with many extras. LED landing/taxi lights, ADS-B in & out, dual G5's, JPI EDM900 engine monitor, PowerFlow tuned exhaust system (extra power, extra cabin heat), oil shutter valve and so much more. Classic Birkmeyer paint scheme in Peril Yellow, Aristo Blue and Pontiac Red with Teak & Holly cockpit floors and black fabric interior.