2021 AVOCET AV24

  • For Sale
  • 2021
  • N72SV
  • AV24-0001
  • CA USA

200000 $200,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2021
  • N72SV
  • AV24-0001
  • CA USA

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SJ McKee

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General Specs (cont.)




Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

The Avocet AV24 is the first aircraft in Avocet's clean-sheet design program created for better dynamic stability, increased control, and lower drag. Design iterations were coordinated with engineers from aerospace industry leaders, including NASA, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works and McDonnell Douglas Boeing. The design work is completed, including the finite element analysis for the airframe and computational fluid dynamics for the aerodynamic design. Manufacturing starts the third week in February, 2021. The first kits will be available approximately nine months after manufacturing begins.
*Faster, with better flying characteristics
*The AV24 can be built in two weeks in our builder's program
*Comfortable cabin
*Aerobatic, modern, composite aircraft
*Total load capacity is 730 lbs for pilot, passenger, fuel, and baggage

Avionics / Equipment

Made to spec. Dual 10" screens with Garmin, Dynon and other leading avionics providers available.

Addition Features, Equipment or Comments:
For under $200,000, you can own an aircraft that can cruise at 215 knots at approximately 85% throttle at 10,000 feet. During our break-in period, we will test each aircraft to accurately determine weight, performance and approximate fuel usage. Price depends upon your avionics and what options you choose. The kit is around $70,000. The engine is around $31,000. Getting the airworthiness certificate, and having the aircraft painted and fire-walled is another $30,000. The propeller is about $9,000. Prices are subject to change. All aircraft are manufactured entirely in the United States.


Airframe Details:
Avocet designs and builds using a combination of mil-spec and FAA Part 23 specifications.
Where those specifications are not specific or strict enough, we use our own internal specs.
The finite element analysis is completed, using a mil-spec design code under CFR-title 14, subpart 23 using AGATE design allowables. The airframe is fully aerobatic (+6g-3g with a 1.5 safety factor) at gross weight.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine(s) Details:
This AV24 serial number has a cowling for an IO-360 engine. Subsequent serial numbers will have cowling options for other engines. The cowling is fitted for a forward-facing cold air sump with a Rod Bower ram intake. Lycon also has an Avocet spec IO-360 modification that has the same TBO as the stock engine. The modification gives about 40 more HP. Hartzell also approved a blade/hub system for use with the modified engine. The engine uses less than 11 gallons per hour.

Interior / Exterior

Leather, racing car seats made to spec.

Toray T700S carbon fiber with closed-cell polyurethane foam cores. The wings, cowling, landing gear, struts, and wheel pants are made with the same resin systems, but use 7781 fiberglass instead of carbon.


Maintenance is subject to Lycoming engine requirements.