1960 CESSNA 175A

  • For Sale
  • 1960
  • CESSNA 175A
  • N6784E
  • 56284
  • Kingman, KS USA

24000 $24,000 USD

Tyler Smith

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  • For Sale
  • 1960
  • CESSNA 175A
  • N6784E
  • 56284
  • Kingman, KS USA

Tyler Smith


General Specs (cont.)


3237 HOURS






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Detailed Description

This is an EXCELENT project plane.  Very orgional and very clean.  The G0-300 could be saved with a compident engine guy or a great time for a Lycoming STC.  The owner wants to sell and no longer flys do to medical reasons.  This plane is just to nice to part out so he asked me to list it.
Airplane has not flown for many years and will need to be trailered.  Aircraft went through an Annual and has an extensive list of discrempancies.  Orgional logbooks were lost.

Avionics / Equipment

Orgional Avionics are
Lear ADF 12-B
Colling VHF 250 COM
Collins VOR 350 NAV
Narco Escort 110 NAV
Narco AT 50 TXP
Possible sale of updated avionics, ASK
(uAvionix Tailbeacon)
(PS Engineering PAR200B with TY91l VHF com)
(Garmin Area 696 with Airgizmo and cables)


1960 Cessna 175A Skylark
3 new tubes and tires
Rebuilt nose strut
Updated paint 8/10
Airframe 7/10
Looks straight with no evidence of heavy repars
Have entire history of FAA paperwork on file, but lost logbooks.
New composite Tips & Caps for tail feathers

Engines / Mods / Prop

Cylinder were replaced at some time.
Slick 667 mags have ADs
Have new starter clutch
New spinner from Univair
Needs starting gear on back of crank.
Possible salvage or Lycoming STC
I belive this engine would run with a gear and mags, but overall, parts are really hard to find.
Mags are in stock @ Southern Cross Aviation in FL and 90 lead time from Champion.

Interior / Exterior

Orgional interior 7/10 for being from 1960
1 seam in headliner needs repaired.


Here's the jist.  Performed annual and was never able to run the enigine.  Starter clutch gear lost it's teeth.  Upon removal and a replacement clutch for the pull-type starter, the gear on the back of the crank needs replaced.  Slick 667 mags have AD's we were unable to comply with and parts are unobtainium.  Due to the price of the engine work, starter, and replacement mags, and the fact that the owner just want to sell it, he elected to post it as is.