1977 CESSNA 180K

  • For Sale
  • 1977
  • CESSNA 180K
  • N61266
  • 18052779
  • Placerville, CA USA

235000 $235,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1977
  • CESSNA 180K
  • N61266
  • 18052779
  • Placerville, CA USA

Skywagons.com LLC

Mark Pilkington

3501 Airport Rd Bldg 2

Placerville, CA 95667 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


528 SMOH


1356 lb




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Detailed Description

1977 Cessna 180K Skywagon (P-Ponk 520), 6950TT, 528 SMOH, 20 SNew Prop, PS Engineering PMA 7000M-S Audio Panel with Intercom, Vortex generators, Garmin GNS 430 IFR Color Moving Map GPS/Com, S-Tec 55X Autopilot with Altitude Hold and Coupled to GPS, True Airspeed Indicator, Factory Float Kit, Windshield "V" Brace, Kenmore 3190 Gross Weight Increase Kit, Large "Float Kitted" Cessna 185 Vertical Fin, Amsafe Inertia Reel Shoulder Harnesses, Pilot Side Articulating Seat, Factory Extended Baggage, XP Modifications HD 10 inch Tailwheel, Cleveland Wheels and Brakes, 850x6 Main tires, Stainless Steel Screw Kit, and more.

Avionics / Equipment

1977 is the first year of the "Late Style Panel" and the last year of the 12 volt system
PS Engineering PMA 7000M-S Audio Panel with Intercom
Vortex generators
Bubble windows
Garmin GNS 430 IFR Color Moving Map GPS/Com
Narco MK 12D Digital Flip/flop Nav/Com
Narco VOR/Localizer Indicator
S-Tec 55X Autopilot with Altitude Hold and Coupled to GPS
Garmin 496 Mobile GPS mounted in Air-Gizmo Panel mount bracket
Becker round transponder (Not ADSB)
Century HSI (Not Slaved)
True Airspeed Indicator
Post Lights
Pilot's side drilled Push-To-talk
Co-pilot's side portable push-to-talk
Remote Autopilot controls on yoke
12 Volt Power outlet
Carb' Temp Gauge
Analog Alcor Single probe EGT Gauge
Hobbs meter
Four Place Intercom
Outside Air Temp Gauge


Airframe Time: 6950 Hours Total Time

0-520 P-Ponk engine at 270 HP
Large Three blade prop
Factory Float Kit
84 Gallon Long Range Fuel
New Bladders
Factory Internal Zinc Chromate Corrosion Proofing
Windshield "V" Brace
Kenmore 3190 Gross Weight Increase Kit (Gains 290 Lbs Useful load)
Stainless Steel Cables (All new cables)
Large "Float Kitted" Cessna 185 Vertical Fin (Has 3190 GW Increase of 290 Lbs)
Amsafe Inertia Reel Shoulder Harnesses
Pilot Side Articulating Seat
Recent magnetos
Horizontal Stabilizer Abrasion Boots
Rear Seat Ventilators
Right Side Openable Window
BAS Tailcone Lift Handles
McFarlane seat rails
Factory Extended Baggage
XP Modifications HD 10 inch Tailwheel
LED Tailcone Light
LED Landing Lights
LED Underwing Courtesy Light
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
850x6 Main tires
Tail Mounted Rotating Beacon
Four Small Raised Gas Caps
Refuelling Steps and Handles
Stainless Steel Screw Kit
Brackett Air Filter

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine Time: 
528 Hours SMOH on P-Ponk Aviation O-520-DCC by Gann Aviation (FAA-CRS) in 2014 to New Limits.

Propeller Time: 
20 SNEW on Composite MT Three Blade.

Interior / Exterior

Dark grey utility canvas seat faces with vinyl edges, Selkirk suide panels, rubber matting on floors and good original headliner. Overall rated 8 out of 10.

Overall bright vestal white with red accent in factory original and correct 1977 scheme in excellent condition. Good glass all round with grey tint. Rated 8.5 out of 10.


Useful Load:  1356.50 Lbs
Annual Due:  Dec 2024

Bought new in 1977 and based in Maine and New Hampshire. On and off floats of various types in New England from 1977 to 2009 when it was moved with a new owner to Alabama on wheels until present time.  Currently based in California at the facility of Skywagons.com at Placerville Airport.  The 77 year is a popular one because it is unique in that it is the only year of 180 or 185 that has a 12 volt system AND the "Late Style Panel" Some back country operators want this combination of a later panel layout but the ease of service and maintenance of the 12 volt system. This plane, being float kitted and being newer than 1974, has the "Big Fin" of the 185 on it from the factory. This means that it can have the 290 Lb Gross Weight Increase STC that Kenmore offers. This plane has this already installed giving it the 3190 Lb Gross Weight and a useful load of almost a 185. Coupled with the 520 upgraded engine you end up with a winning combination for less than the price of a similar 185. Complete logs, No hail, No Corrosion and surprisingly it seems no damage history.