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Cirrus Aircraft
The Cirrus Company, when compared to other makes such as Beechcraft, Piper and Cessna, is a relative newcomer to the aircraft field. Launched in the early 1980's by Alan and Dale Klapmeier, in Duluth, Minnesota, Cirrus offers a select few aircraft for sale. Cirrus owners are loyal, faithful, and enthusiastic about their Cirrus aircraft. A Cirrus owner's club known as the Cirrus Owners and Pilot's Association supports this unique breed of aircraft.

What Is Unique About a Cirrus Airplane?
Cirrus airplanes are low wing, ultra lightweight aircraft with fixed landing gear and a compact overall design. Designed to meet the needs of pilots looking for a smaller, more efficient alternative to larger prop planes, the Cirrus is also one of the safest due to a unique safety feature available on many models - the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, or CAPS. This safety feature provides a whole plane parachute that can be deployed during a life-threatening emergency and provides a level of comfort and reassurance that only comes from this type of feature. Proven highly effective in emergency situations in the past, the CAPS feature protects the occupants as much as possible during a crash, while allowing the airplane to absorb the majority of the impact.

Which Models Are Available Today?
The Cirrus SR20 is a high-performance, ultra lightweight airplane that boasts a 200 hp Continental I/O series motor and a Hartzell 3-blade prop. Many are available with sophisticated autopilot and avionics packages, and low flight hours. These planes are on the higher end of the power to weight ratio, offering a low weight combined with a powerful motor. This provides a respectable cruising speed and the ability to sip less fuel than some comparably equipped airplanes on the market today. Only upstaged by the newest iteration of Cirrus airplane, the SR20 represents a terrific value for those seeking a capable and unique airplane that offers performance and economy.

The Cirrus SR22 is a composite-bodied, four-seat, single engine aircraft. Launched in 2001, the SR22 was well received due to the available turbocharged Continental IO-550-N engine, boasting as much as 310 horsepower- all channeled through a three blade Hartzell propeller. This combination allows a cruising speed of over 210 mph, as well as a usable range of more than 1,200 miles. Add in additional fuel capacity of 90+ gallons, room for pilot + three, and you've got a serious medium distance airplane. The CAPS feature provides peace of mind for the occupants, and adds to the value proposition of this feature-laden plane.

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