• For Sale
  • 1992
  • N412WT
  • 263
  • Indiantown, FL USA

24990 $24,990 USD

Charles Stence

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    • For Sale
    • 1992
    • N412WT
    • 263
    • Indiantown, FL USA

    Charles Stence


    General Specs (cont.)


    1280 SNEW

    45 SMOH

    410 lb




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    A&P/IA pilot owned 1992 Davis DA-2B. Same engine and prop as a Cessna 150 with much better performance (Aprx 115kts on 6GPH)! Paint and interior revamp stalled; last items on long list of maintenance since ownership in 2017. Pdf scans of logs available for complete list of repairs and upgrades. AFTT: 385. 45Hrs since engine IRAN in 2018 (ETT: 1280). Prop SMOH: 45hrs. Currently in annual and flying - conditional inspection expires Nov 2024. No ADSB and no IFR Cert.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Avionics, Instruments & Electrical:
    ·ICOM A210 Radio with built-in intermcom installed
    ·Ray Allen G101B Foam grip stick (with PTT) installed in pilot position
    ·New Flight Data Systems GT50 Digital clock with voltmeter, OAT and flight timer installed.
    ·New Flight Data Systems T-30 digital tachometer installed
    ·Electronics UBG-16 engine monitor (with fuel flow & oil temp) with data recorder installed. 
    ·New Lamar DGR6-1 Voltage regulator installed.
    ·Airspeed overhauled by Rudy Aircraft Instruments, CRS#R1ZR316K, and new pitot lines installed from wing to airspeed gauge. 
    ·Instrument panel removed, stripped, painted and installed with new labels.
    ·New circuit breaker panel fabricated and installed with labels. New wiring installed behind panel.
    ·New master, avionics and nav light switch installed, along with new master solenoid and avionics relay.
    ·New ACS ignition switch installed.


    ·Tail quadrant mixer disassembled, media blasted, primed and painted, lubricated, installed and rigged.
    ·Tail cluster mount tubing (for V-tail) removed and sent out for media blasting and powder coating. New hardware & bearings, P/N: KP29B, installed for ruddervator shafts upon installation.
    ·New windshield and front side windows installed.
    ·Modified fuel system by installing controllable fuel shut-off valve.
    ·New fuel lines and fittings from shut-off valve to firewall installed.
    ·New ACS A-800 throttle control cable installed.
    ·Air strut installed on cabin door (Similar to Door Steward for Cessna).
    ·All wheel assemblies were disassembled, media blasted, epoxy primed and painted.
    ·New weight & balance in 2019 (Gross weight 1200lbs, EW: 790.0, Useful Load: 410.0)
    ·Both top cowl side doors fabricated new. 
    Airframe partially stripped and cleaned. 
    o Tail section primed
    o Bottom cowl and spinner primed and painted.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Engine disassembled completely due to grass prop strike in 2018 (Tach 341.0). 
    o Internal steel components yellow tagged by Airmark Overhaul, CRS#JL4R288M. This includes all gears, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rods, pushrods, etc.,.
    o Crankcase & accessory case sent to Tropic Airpower, CRS#T7KR187Y for cleaning & painting.
    o Cylinders & pistons sent to Tropic Airpower, CRS#T7KR187Y for cylinder flex hone, cleaning and painting.
    o New seals, crankcase & rod bearings, rod bolts & nuts and new or re-plated hardware installed during engine assembly. 
    o Slick 4301 magnetos completely disassembled and 500hr inspection conducted.
    Propeller overhauled by Palm Beach Propeller, CRS#LU4R349M. 
    o Prop bolts NDT inspected and re-plated by Palm Beach Propeller as well.
    New muffler assemblies & risers installed.
    STC'd oil filter adapter (Tempest TAF-L) installed.