DOUGLAS Single Engine Piston Aircraft For Sale

Single Engine Piston Douglas Aircraft Information

An American, single seat, attack aircraft; the Douglas A-1 Skyradier has the capacity for one crew member. The empty weight is 11,968 lb (5129 kg) and the maximum takeoff weight is 25,000 (11,340 kg). The maximum speed is 322 mph (280 knots, 518 km/h) and the cruise speed is 198 mph (172 knots, 319 km/h). The Skyraider is powered by a Wright R-3350-26W6 radial engine of 2700 hp.

The Skyraider was produced from 1945 to 1957 with 3180 aircraft built during its years of production. Variant models include the XBT2D-1, TBT2D-1N, XBT2D-1P, XBT2D-1Q, BT2D-2, AD-1, AD-1Q, AD-1U, XAD-1W, AD-2, AD-2D, AD-2Q, AD-2QU, XAD-2, AD-3, AD-3S, AD-3N, AD-3Q, AD-3QU, AD-3W, AD-4, AD-4B, AD-4L, AD-4N, AD-4NA, AD-4NL, AD-4Q, AD-4W, AD-5, AD-5N, AD-5Q, AD-5S, AD-5W, UA-1E, AD-6, and AD-7.

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