1986 MAULE M-5-180C

  • For Sale
  • 1986
  • MAULE M-5-180C
  • N817Y
  • 8085C
  • Burlington, WA USA

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Latitude Aviation

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    • For Sale
    • 1986
    • MAULE M-5-180C
    • N817Y
    • 8085C
    • Burlington, WA USA

    Latitude Aviation

    Nick Eberling

    General Specs (cont.)


    569 SMOH

    3 SPOH

    923 lb






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    2940 TT, 569 SMOH Lycoming O-360-C1F by Western Skyways, 3 SPOH, excellent maintenance. Long range fuel (63 gal usable), Micro VGs, ABI 3200B tailwheel assembly, Airframes Alaska tailwheel shimmy dampener, front seat 4-point intertial reel harnesses, Insight G2 color GEM, Apollo GX50 IFR approach-certified GPS, UAvionix SkyBeacon, WX900 stormscope, no known damage history, complete logs since new...

    Avionics / Equipment

    Insight G2 color graphic engine monitor 
    UAvionix SkyBeacon (ADS-B out)
    Apollo GX50 GPS (IFR app cert)
    PS Engineering PM-1000II intercom
    BFGoodrich WX900 stormscope
    King KX-165 com/nav
    Terra TXN 920 com/nav
    King KN64 DME
    King KT76A transponder
    Narco ADF-141
    Terra TMA 230 audio/marker beacon
    Micro VG system (wings & horizontal stabilizer)
    Long range fuel tanks (66 gal total/63 gal usable)
    Alaska Gear Company ABI-3200B tailwheel assembly
    Alaska Gear Company/Keller KEG-117 tailwheel shimmy dampener
    Safe-Heat 700 engine heater
    Sealed wing struts
    Pitot heat
    Landing light
    Custom aircraft cover
    Spare 8.50-6 new tire


    Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 2300 lb
    Basic Empty Weight: 1377 lb
    Useful Load: 923 lb
    Usable Fuel Capacity: 63 gal
    Empty CG: 12.58 in
    Aircraft located at Skagit Regional Airport (KBVS) in Burlington, WA (1:20 drive from Seattle, WA, :50 drive from Paine Field Int'l Airport, and :30 drive from Bellingham International Airport, WA, all with major airline service)
    Always US-based
    No known damage history
    Excellent maintenance history
    Complete logbooks since new
    Complete logbook PDFs and high-resolution photo gallery available by request
    Annual inspection due 4/2025
    ELT battery due 4/2025
    IFR 91.411/.413 inspection due
    All FAA AD's in compliance

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    569 SMOH - Lycoming O-360-C1F (Western Skyways 4/2014)
    3 SPOH - Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF (Northwest Propeller Service 6/2023)
    Compressions at 4/2024 annual 66/72/70/76

    Interior / Exterior

    White & yellow w/green accent stripes
    Elevators & horizontal stabilizers recovered (Poly Fiber), painted in DuPont Imron 3/1996
    Medium brown seats, sidewalls 
    Beige headliner
    Black carpets
    Front seat belts new 5/2013
    4-point inertial reel harness upgrade


    New fuel caps (4) 4/2024
    New Alaskan Bushwheel tailwheel fork kit (ABI-3224) 9/2023
    New tailwheel tire 9/2023
    New brake discs 3/2023
    New brake linings 3/2023
    New LH muffler, new tailpipes 3/2023
    New Airframes Alaska tailspring kit (ABI-4000) 12/2022
    New tailwheel shimmy dampener (KEG-117) 12/2022
    New Airframes Alaska tailwheel assembly (ABI-3200B) 10/2022
    Repaired RH tailpipe 8/2022
    New brake caliper flexible hoses 2/2022
    New main tires & tubes (8.50-6) 10/2021
    New door hinge hardware 3/2021
    New FWF SCAT ducting 3/2021
    New #4 cylinder 3/2021
    New Aero Classics oil cooler 3/2021
    New LH muffler shroud 3/2021
    New Concorde RG35A battery 8/2020
    New UREM40E spark plugs 11/2019
    Repaired RH exh system (AWI) 11/2019
    New "cowl saver" baffling 10/2018
    New defrost SCAT ducting 1/2017
    New glareshield 1/2017
    New Brackett BA-6108 air filter 5/2016
    OH alternator control unit 8/2015
    OH alternator 5/2015
    New LORD engine isolators 5/2014
    OH vacuum pump 5/2014
    New Slick 4370/4371 magnetos 5/2014
    OH fuel pump 5/2014
    OH carburetor 5/2014
    OH starter 5/2014
    New RC Allen attitude indicator 9/2013
    New front seat belts 5/2013
    4-point inertial reel harnesses 5/2013
    OH manifold pressure gauge 4/2011
    OH directional gyro 6/1999
    New sealed wing lift struts 4/1999
    Elevators & horizontal stabilizers recovered (Poly-Fiber) 3/1996