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Piper Single Engine Aircraft

Piper Single Engine Piston Airplanes - Piston Powered Means a Pure Joy to Fly
Piper airplanes have been impressing pilots of all ages since the early 1930's. Founded in 1927, and currently headquartered at Vero Beach Municipal Airport, Piper has produced over 140,000 airplanes and can boast that more than 90,000 of them are still in the air today. With a legacy that spans over 80 years, that is a tremendous figure. Piper airplanes are known worldwide for their ruggedness, durability, and economical operation. With the first model taking to the skies in 1936, and the most recent model - the Piper Sport, seeing its first flight in the latter 2000's, Piper has continued to build innovative and involving aircraft.

Piper's Most Popular Models of Single Engine Piston Planes
Three models stand out as the most prolific variants in the Piper line: The Arrow, the Cherokee, and the Comanche. The Piper Arrow has been in production for decades and is a proven and reliable design. With a turbocharged Lycoming engine of up to 200 horsepower, these units offer four seat capacity and the aerodynamic benefit of retractable landing gear.

The Cherokee is one of the most popular models and the PA-28 Cherokee offers several variations on the basic design. With the availability of top-end avionics or simple controls, fixed landing gear or amphibious floats, the PA-28 offers serious options for the pilot who wants to tailor the aircraft to their specific needs.

The Piper Comanche is usually found in three basic variations. The Comanche 180 is the original model - with the number designation referring to the horsepower rating of the Lycoming engine. The Comanche 250 offered more power and a better cruising speed than the 180, as well as a higher payload capacity and maximum range. The Comanche 400 was fitted with an 8-cylinder piston engine - delivering 400 horsepower and a cruising speed that handily beat both the 180 and 250. The 400 does consume more fuel, though, so it is important to balance out the desire for speed with the fuel economy variations among the different engine choices.
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