SOCATA Single Engine Piston Aircraft For Sale

Socata Single Engine Piston Aircraft

Socata Offers a Range Of Aircraft Options
Socata, unlike other airplane manufacturers on the market today, offers an airplane that fits the needs of all buyers. Whether looking for a smaller, more affordable airplane for fun, or a luxurious and quick turboprop for high speed touring, Socata offers both! In the middle of the price spectrum, the Socata Trinidad offers competitive horsepower, a high-performance three-blade prop, and what is generally regarded as one of the roomiest cabins for a four-seat airplane. With a pronounced belly at the midsection of the cabin, the Trinidad offers superior shoulder and elbowroom for a plane of this size.
The most affordable plane in the Socata lineup is the Socata Tampico. Powered by a 160 horsepower Lycoming engine, the Tampico is available for little more than the price of a new sport utility vehicle. Offering high quality fit and finish, a reliable powertrain, and a robust airframe, the Tampico is a great choice for a pilot looking for something a little different in an entry-level airplane.