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39700 $39,700 USD
Fast Build Kit - Starting At

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  • For Sale
  • 2024
  • new registratio
  • Not Listed
  • Stuart, FL USA

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900 lb






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Detailed Description

Fastest Plane for Lowest Build Time and Price - mission to go fast and far for inexpensive? We are the best option. period. 

2 engine options:
Experimental - EAB - 300 HP engines available 
all in your price if you build yourself $100k - going 209 ktas at 8,000 ft on 15 gph gas/mov/av/bio or 220 ktas at 18,000 ft. 

completely built for you - $157k - limited number of spots we can build for you
kits starting at - $39,700 - $54,700 (fast to ultra fast - 800 - 600 hours)

2nd engine option (LSA coming soon - $170k fully built for you)
E-LSA - 117 HP engine - non IFR - $80k all in your cost if you build yourself
$39,700 kit price - with all jigs included - 800 hours - 1,000 if you never built a plane before. 
Fast build composite kit is $54,700k - 600-800 hours to build - under $105k your cost all in with you building. including engine and avionics

Experimental build. Originally KIS TR1
2 seat plane that does 220 KTS burning 15 GPH at 18,000 ft of AV or MOV gas (300HP)  - under $110k your cost all in for engines, glass panel IFR avionics, interior, gear, and kit? You assemble in about 600-800 hours. And we can also build this one for you for $157k

You can put in any engine and avionics you like - we have recommendations and guidance if you are not sure. Will increase price for different engines/avionics. 

Could literally ship in a 8-12 months, if you paid today
For a plane you could literally be flying in 14-18 months

Introducing for the first time in the USA (has only been in Brazil till now)
Veloce 200 
You can go to brazil to see the almost ready to fly 2 seater with IO-360 engine.
We want to fly the plane before building and shipping the first kit. 


A ton of information and specs at http://www.veloceplanes.com/200" class="external_link" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://http://www.veloceplanes.com/200

Payment as follows for 300 HP plane:
$40k down (can do Credit card(s) - this includes the purchase of the kit and shipping to the US
$20k to start the build when the kit is in the US (shipping from brazil)
Another $20k half way through the build. 
$10k to install the engine (you buy any engine you want - $20k from aerovolare - (can do any other engine for successive planes - but no payment for shows)
$7-10k to install the avionics (you buy them for $10k-$25k - VFR to IFR)
$10k to install the interior and finish (you pick, we supply leather quality interior)
$10k for paint (or have anyone else you want to paint)
$10k for Misc/over budget
= $157k your price (all assembled in the US - registered as experimental plane)
Minus $15k back for showings/shows

Let me know if you want to do this or want to talk more about it. 
Or visit our website for more information
http://www.veloceplanes.com/200" class="external_link" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://http://www.veloceplanes.com/200

If you just want and E-lsa kit - payment is half down for kit and rest when ready to ship
If you want us to build E-lsa plane for you - payments similar totaling $125-$135k
And LSA fully built for you for $170k

Avionics / Equipment

your choice
built for you is two g3x, garmin AP, com, 2 radios, and GPS 175 for IFR


Kit Build EAB aircraft

Engines / Mods / Prop

your choice
Aerovolare.com recommended

Interior / Exterior

your choice of leather and 3 color paint -


new kits and built for you LSA options available.