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  • 2023
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  • Las Vegas, NV USA

277000 $277,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2023
  • New Reg
  • 008
  • Las Vegas, NV USA

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1200 lb






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Detailed Description

Want a complete flying experimental (EAB) 4 place plane that does 230 KTS @ 24,000 ft on 16 GPH- that is basically like a turbo cirrus SR22T in room, size and specs? but faster. 
Same certified TSIO 550 continental engine as Cirrus. 

We have a complete flying plane for $277k - brand new - your choice of interior, paint, avionics, options and paint. Some options will increase the price. Full Garmin IFR at this price. 

The numbers and specs . . . Basically a cirrus SR22T in numbers and size. 

You can put in any other engine and avionics you like into this plane, but we recommend a full dual glass garmin experimental g3x touch screen with autopilot, dual comms, GNX 375, adbs in/out. (included in this price)

Leather quality one color interior included in this price. 
Base one color paint with 1 or 2 other colors of striping included - but more complex will be extra

Options that are extra:
Electric AC
Multi color/carbon fiber/accent lighting interior options 

This plane is based on plane with over 107+ of the lineage planes flying in the US. 
Rich trickle designed pulsar 150 in the 90's, and is the Generation 1 of his composite 4 seater. 
Then in 2000's, Rich made improvements to his 150 and made the KIS tr4 - the Generation 2 model of his 4 seat composite plane. Then h designed this 4 seater from his KIS Tr4 - making it even better, and this is the 3rd Generation of his composite 4 place plane. 
Rich unfortunately passed away before he brought it to the US. He was going to have all the kits made in Brazil and sell them in the US. 
So now I am bringing the kits to the US - still making them in Brazil. 

We Have 10 sold already in the US. We have a generation 3 KIS-TR4 in Stuart Florida you can see and fly in, to see how this G3 version will fly and handle. The G3 version is 2 inches taller and wider with a more aerodynamic windscreen and wing tips 

We currently have two G3 kit in Atlanta,  they are already sold. But you can go visit the kit also before purchasing if you want. and 3 others kits completed and delivered. 2 more shipped in Jan (already sold)

When Rich Trickle designed this G3 version, he said, I want a Cirrus, but cannot afford one. So he made improvements to his plane as above - and upgraded the avionics and engine to be more like the newer planes. Rich made the generation 3 version of his previous 2 planes to keep all the great stuff, and improved it yet again.  

See the walk around video here of this G3 Veloce 400 plane. (2013 model)

we made this plane for the heavier engine, and no one has purchased it yet. 
There is also a ton of information about the plane is at http://www.Veloceplanes.com/400 

PS. My baby I want is the 6 place pressurised twin, http://www.Veloceplanes.com/600 - we expect to have that prototype flying in Spring 2024.
I had a turbo cirrus and it just wasn't fast enough. 
Watch the webinar on this 6 place pressurised twin here:

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin IFR Suite.
2 - G3x
507 AP
ADBS in/out
GNX 375
Two garmin radios and intercom

Engines / Mods / Prop

TSIO 550 Continental - zero timed rebuilt new from factory.

Interior / Exterior

You pick your paint scheme


Pick your interior leather colors