2023 WACO 2T-1A-2

  • Auction
  • 2023
  • WACO 2T-1A-2
  • N128PH
  • 1218
  • Grand Blanc, MI USA


Aircraft Bidder - Gordon Ramsay

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    • Auction
    • 2023
    • WACO 2T-1A-2
    • N128PH
    • 1218
    • Grand Blanc, MI USA

    Aircraft Bidder - Gordon Ramsay

    Gordon Ramsay

    2460 Greentree Rd, HNGR 12

    Lebanon, OH 45036 USA

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    General Specs (cont.)


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    Detailed Description

    AUCTION - A homage to the Golden Age of Aviation with robust, corrosion resistant, construction. Two stagger wings with one swept and two open cockpits. All weather skins, cockpit covers, cabin heat, and toe brakes. Embrace the original passion for aviation and enjoy the pure joy of flying! Please visit http://www.AircraftBidder.com for more information.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Garmin G5
    Garmin Aera 660 WAAS GPS
    Trig TY-91 Comm
    Garmin GDL-52 ADS-B Datalink
    Trig TN-70 ADS-B In/Out
    Trig TT-22 Mode S
    2.25” Airspeed
    2.25” Altimeter
    G Meter
    ELT 406 MHz
    JPI EDM 930
    Additional Features:
    Front Cockpit Zip-In Cover
    Dual Cockpit Heater
    Entry- Assist Rollbar Handle
    Hydraulic Toe Brakes Rear Cockpit
    Aerobatic Harnesses
    LED Lighting
    27 Gal Fuel Tank


    Factory New
    Ferry Time Only

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Lycoming AEI0-360 180HP @ 2700 RPM
    1600 HR TBO
    Inverted Fuel & Oil
    MT 2-Blade Constant Speed Prop

    Interior / Exterior

    Leather Blue Seats with red stitching
    2 Seats
    Red and yellow with a blue accent stripe


    153 MPH Vne
    120 MPH Cruise Speed
    57 MPH Stall Speed
    10 gal/hr Consumption
    +5.4/-4.0 G Limits @ 1800 lbs
    Bullet Points:
    Handcrafted Factory New Airplane
    Inverted Fuel and Oil
    Constant Speed Prop
    State of the Art Avionics