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Single Engine Piston Waco Aircraft Information

The Waco F series was designed to supplement and then replace the Waco 10 Series. The variations of the series are: INF (with a Kinner B-5 engine), KNF (with a Kinner K-5 engine), RNF (with a Warner Scarab engine), PCF (with a Jacobs LA-1 engine and a new cross-braced undercarriage), PBF (PCF with 'B' wings), QCF (with a Continental A70 engine), UBF (with a Continental R-670 engine), UMF (with a longer fuselage, larger vertical fin and a Continental R-670 engine), YMF (UMF with a Jacobs L-4), YPF-6 and YPF-7 (with a Jacobs L-4 engine), ZPF-6 and ZPF-7 (with a Jacobs L-5), UPF-7 (tandem trainer with a Continental engine), YMF-5 (latest model with YMF-5D variant in production currently), and the JW (UBF used as trainers by US Navy).

The Waco C is based on the F Series. The biplane features an enclosed cabin, a raised fuselage, four seats, a rear-window, and a door over the lower wing. On later models, the rear window was removed. The initial model, the QDC, used a Continental A70 engine and shock-cord tailwheel landing gear. Later models, the OEC and UEC, used a Kinner C5 and Continental R-670 respectively. To differentiate between the Custom Cabin models and the standard aircraft, Waco used an -S to designate the standard variant.

The S series stems from the Waco C series with minor differences in appearance such as ailerons on both wings and square rear side window.

The Waco 10 series is a range of open-cockpit, three- seat, single-engine biplanes. The 10 series is a larger development of the Waco 9. The Waco 10 has strut-linked ailerons on both the upper and lower wings. The wings are fabric covered and the cockpit features side-by-side seating under the upper wings. The pilot has a separate cockpit. Its main uses include training, charter transport, joyriding, and barnstorming. Waco changed the 10 series to the GXE series due to the use of Curtiss OX-5 engines that was also used in the Waco 9 series. The use of the engine in both series led to confusion between the two. The O series, featuring the former 10 series, stands for open cockpit. The S series features straight-wing aircraft. The T series features tapered-wing aircraft. If any names have a -A after the title, it is an armed variant.

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