• For Sale
  • 2004
  • N5UC
  • LIV524
  • Novato, CA USA

525000 $525,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2004
  • N5UC
  • LIV524
  • Novato, CA USA

T J Neff


General Specs (cont.)


685 SMOH


1576 lb




Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE! Lancair IV P-T. Super fast. Super high flying in pressurized turbine-engine comfort with 750 horses. What happens when you buy a jet? You have to sell your turbo-prop. Even a gorgeous one like this. See below.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin G3X Touch Flight Display  - #1 - New ARHARS
Garmin 530 WAAS Com/Nav/GPS
Garmin 430 Strike Finder
Garmin GTX 330 Transponder / local TCAD (Traffic Advisories in Radar environment on the 530 and 430)
Garmin Autopilot - New Head plus spare
Garmin VOR Head with Glideslope #2
Dynon D10A EFIS with Battery back up
Standby Alternator
A.O.A. - angle of attack indicator
2nd airspeed indicator
Stereo set up and 4 place head set jacks
Air conditioning - compressor and electric fan rebuilt
Moritz Engine System (Gauge Cluster)  Torque (new transducer), ITT, Oil Pressure (new transducer), Oil Temp, Fuel Flow, N1 (Compressor Speed), N2 (Prop RPM)
    Rebuilt FCU (fuel control unit)
New L.E.D. Landing & Dual Taxi lights
Rosen Sun visors
Bruce Cover for the airplane & Pitot Tube
Metal carrying case for both the engine & prop


Stainless steel housing added around the torsion box for the nosewheel, new bearing.
Heavy duty front strut
New Tires & Brakes - 15 Hrs. ago
Dukes Pressurization - New out-flow valve & controller - 5 Hrs. ago
Lithium batteries
2009 minor prop strike (no airframe damage). Engine and prop IRAN by the factory.
Annual due:  3/1/24 Alt/Sta/XPDR due: 3/1/25. 
See factory performance figures with the logbooks below.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Walter - 601EX  (750HP) with the high/hot option (lower engine temps in high altitude and hot weather)
430 Hrs. since factory IRAN. 685 hrs SMOH.

Avia V508E / 84 / B2
430 Hrs. since factory IRAN

Interior / Exterior

Beautiful in and out.
Leather Interior


Digitized logbooks available. NOTE: These specifications are presented as introductory information only. They do not constitute representations or warranties of any kind. Accordingly, you should rely on your own inspection of this aircraft to verify correctness. The aircraft is subject to prior sale, and/or removal from the market.