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  • 2012
  • N71RJ
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Steven Wightman

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  • For Sale
  • 2012
  • N71RJ
  • 153

Steven Wightman




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General Specs (cont.)


3456 SMOH


183 SNEW

1200 lb






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Detailed Description

The Seawind 3000 Turbine Conversion boasts an impressive Pratt & Whitney PT6A-20 turbine engine, providing an exceptional power output of 550 horsepower. With this remarkable engine and 5-blade MT composite propeller this amphibian achieves exhilarating acceleration, allowing aviators to reach cruising speeds of 200 MPH (322 km/h) and climb rates of 2,500 feet (about 762 m) per minute. No matter the weather conditions, this aircraft will keep you in command and deliver an unparalleled flying experience. 
One of the standout features of the Seawind 3000 Turbine Conversion is its exceptional versatility. This aircraft is designed for both land and water operations worldwide, making it the perfect choice for those seeking adventure in various environments. The retractable landing gear enables seamless transitions from runway to open water, opening a world of recreational possibilities. Explore serene lakes, remote islands, and coastal paradises with ease, enjoying the freedom to access breathtaking destinations inaccessible to traditional airplanes. With this Super Seawind you can even drop the landing gear and water taxi to drive the plane onto a sandy beach. 
Step inside the spacious and comfortable cabin of the Seawind 3000 Turbine Conversion, where luxury meets functionality. The ergonomic cabin accommodates up to four occupants, ensuring ample space and comfort during your journeys. The modern and stylish interior features high-quality material.

PT6 turbine is 550 de-rated to 450 HP with Reversible, auto-feather, constant Speed MT, 5-blade composite propeller, 4-SEAT rear fold-down bench seat for 12' cargo. Ceiling 24,000 feet, 200 knots, Overhauled Mt High O2 Sys, 1,200-pound payload, 9/10/23 TTAF=175, G900X PFD/MFD GRT-EFIS-EIS, SL-30, TruTrak AP, ADSB, Mode S, 406 MH-ELT, Sept Annual, almost always hangered, No Damage History, Complete logs on Web. STOL capability and 2,000-3,000 FPM SLC. Meticulously maintained. No rust. All composite airframe. Flown KOSH-IKW-LCI 7/31/23 204 MPH GS and LCI-3B1-LWM Sep 11, 2022. See Flight Aware. Ready to fly today. Is it for you? Maybe. Review http://www.SuperSeawind.com Equipped similar to a SR22 at 1/4th the price.   You can fly away with the deal of a decade.

Designed and built with advanced safety features in mind, this Seawind has the world's most reliable engine, a PT6 noted for millions of fault-free flying hours, double canopy latches for closure security, an escape hatch on canopy roof, a 10.9 to 1 glide ratio, emergency landing gear extension, back-up IFR certified avionics, dual controls and PFDs, and very low stall speeds. 

"Turbine amphibious planes are specifically designed to land on, float on, and take off from large bodies of water. Many pilots, in fact, consider operating these so-called "seaplanes" as one of the most fun and rewarding types of flying possible, due at least in part to the remote locations they make accessible via large lakes, inlets, rivers, seas, and oceans where an airfield may be nonexistent or otherwise too difficult to reach." Gen Aviation News, Aug 2022

Comprehensive airframe, engine and propeller maintenance history at PlaneLogix.com. 
ENGINE TIMES as of the last annual Inspection on Oct. 23: TSN, 8868.5, TSO, 3432.5/8,000. SHSI = 351/1750. 

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Find POH and specifications here; https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoltgSn7SXuqoYo7NWSOyrreJ1NMOQ?e=y1t3Va 

Go to http://www.PlaneLogix for logbooks and maintenance records.

See for yourself at...
https://superseawind.com/videos/ See user comments at: file:///C:/Users/Steve/OneDrive/Aviation/N71RJ%20SALES%20Docs/20230319%20N71RJ%20What%20People%20Are%20Saying...pdf
Learn more about the PT6 engine and its maintenance requirements at: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoltgSn7SXuq7Oo0ABoQ4mc5J2UBAQ?e=b5S34U

Avionics / Equipment

2012 PT6-POWERED 4-SEAT SEAWIND AMPHIBIAN. Ceiling FL240, Oxygen Masks, 1200 pound payload, TTAF=155. 

G900X PFD/MFD GRT-EFIS-EIS, Apple music. SL-30, TruTrak AP, ADSB, Mode S, 406 MH-ELT new battery expires 2027.

Want more? Go To https://superseawind.com/avionics/


All composite construction means high strength-to-weight ratio and no rust. Wings designed and manufactured to fly at high and low speeds for maximum performance range.

POH, A-Z: Has full description and operations. Click here to review PFD:

Engines / Mods / Prop

PT6A-20 interchangeable with a -27/34 series Pratt & Whitney. Parts readily available for the entire aircraft.

With millions of fault-free flying hours, it is credited as the safest engine ever built. HSI 350 of 2,000. "On condition" with trend monitoring may increase HSI interval based on engine health indications and trending. See

Interior / Exterior

Rear adjustable bench seat fits two adult passengers comfortably. A six-foot long cargo bay aft of the fold-down rear detachable seat provides ample baggage and storage. It can even fit two folding bikes along with other gear. The removable rear seat is also great for long vacation trips to a lakeside cabin because it adds 4 more feet of storage for a total of 10 feet. The Seawind can be parked on the beach simply by lowering the landing gear in the water and driving up onto the beach or a boat ramp to a parking area. Like a boat, it can also be similarly moored. Comes 2 PFDs and a two-place inflatable raft for mooring and emergencies.


MT 5-blade composite constant-speed propeller permits STOL and high climb rates up to 2500 FPM for short-field operations or getting off a lake or pond and easily climbing over mountains or out of icing conditions. Reverse pitch Prop for short field landings and backing up when on water.

Now read this: https://superseawind.com/this-super-seawind-n71rj/