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Turboprop Aircraft

Turboprop Airplanes Are Rugged and Efficient

Turboprop aircraft are regarded as efficient and effective airplanes. Though some may favor the turbofan design for its higher ceiling rating, the turboprop has held its share of the market for those looking for a design that allows for short takeoff and landing ability, potent cruising speeds, the ability to use easily available jet fuel (turbofans have to use aviation gas which is not as easily found as jet fuel in remote locations), and greater fuel economy, than a turbofan. For many charter outfits, as well as recreational flyers, the turboprop design is a perfect balance of performance and price. Many airlines are using turboprop aircraft today due to the higher reliability of the turbine design versus a reciprocating engine.
For those looking for turboprop aircraft for sale, a variety of makes and models exist. One of the more popular models that you may find at Trade-A-Plane is the Beechcraft King Air. The King Air has been in continuous production since 1964 and has outsold all other competitor turboprop aircraft combined! The twin turboprop design is known for its ability to cruise all day long at between 260 and 300 miles per hour, while delivering a maximum range of over 1,500 miles.

What Options Are Available To Me?
Used turboprop aircraft like the Cessna Caravan 208 are popular with those looking for rugged and reliable transportation into and out of areas that are not as hospitable as a perfectly maintained airport with pristine tarmac. A Cessna 208 is an example of a turboprop aircraft that frequents the Alaskan bush as well as the open water. Frequently seen outfitted with amphibious floats, the Cessna 208 takes advantage of one of the turboprops aircraft's greatest strengths; the significant low-end torque and ability to take off and land over less distance than most other styles of aircraft.

The de Havilland DHC-6 is a unique and potent turboprop aircraft. Able to ferry as many as 19 passengers plus crew, the DHC-6 has STOL (short takeoff and landing) abilities, prodigious power and climb rate, and the ability to carry substantial weight for an airplane of its size. This makes it popular with organizations involved in search and rescue or those that find themselves frequently in remote locations where STOL is a big advantage.

No matter which type of new or used turboprop aircraft you seek, Trade-A-Plane is the forum in which buyers and sellers can connect efficiently and effectively. By utilizing our powerful and effective search tool, one can narrow the selection by modifying model type, vintage, location, and price. Allow our extensive network of reputable sellers to connect you to the turboprop aircraft you need. Trade-A-Plane is a great resource for those who cannot find exactly what they need while searching. Simply publish a request for a specific make or model of airplane and our site will seek to connect you to sellers across the world that have the airplane you've been looking for. Trade-A-Plane has been connecting buyers and sellers of aircraft since 1937. Regardless of the model you seek, we can help!