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Adax Aviation

12209 US-1


North Palm Beach, FL 33408 USA

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Prestigious Aircraft Brokerage

Put the power of Adax Aviation’s global network to work for you.

We come to you. We provide unparalleled expertise in the world of aviation and aircraft brokerage plus the convenience of our bespoke door-to-door service which delivers a seamless transition for buyers and sellers around the world. No need to travel far and wide to find the aircraft of your dreams or to upgrade your current aircraft. Adax Aviation comes to you! 

We provide specialized photography and superior sales techniques to ensure you are matched with the best buyer/seller for your aircraft. We have an extensive network of power partners  around the world and our dedicated team is cultivated  in the current market information and consumer trends. We have technical expertise of complex aircraft from maintenance to finance, and our attention to detail provides a proactive layer of protection for our clients.