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The word avionics is a combination of the words aviation and electronics. Simply put, avionics equipment refers any electronic equipment that sees normal use in either a helicopter or airplane. A big portion of the total cost to build an airplane is found in its avionics equipment, and replacing these important parts can be a costly venture. At Trade-A-Plane, you'll be able to find a wide variety of avionics equipment, from sellers who know which parts match up perfectly with your airplane or helicopter.

What Avionics Offerings Are Available Today?
Our sellers and advertisers offer a continuous stream of avionics equipment that can upgrade your existing equipment, or replace damaged or worn out components. GPS, or global positioning systems, have become increasingly common in the cockpits of even the smallest and lightest aircraft. These units are frequently upgradable, yet it pays to consider a new or lightly used GPS unit to gain the latest features and benefits.

Transponders, transceivers, radios, and NAV/COMM equipment must be in proper working order to ensure safe flight, so it makes sense to invest in top quality new or used replacement communication equipment. Our sellers and advertisers offer the latest new units, quality used equipment, and everything in between.

A variety of safety equipment is also available through our avionics listings. Personal locator beacons, safety beacons, collision avoidance systems, and engine monitors are just a few of the categories of available safety equipment. When it comes to flying, nothing beats the peace of mind in knowing that your airplane or helicopter is equipped with the latest safety equipment.

Rounding out the available avionics offerings through Trade-A-Plane are engine diagnostic tools, scanners, storm scopes, and general test equipment.

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Trade-A-Plane truly lives up to its motto of "Everything that keeps you flying. Since 1937." Avionics equipment is vital to keeping your airplane or helicopter safely in the air. It is easy to search for whatever you need using the intuitive and powerful search tool. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for simply post a Want-to-Buy listing and our sellers and advertisers will get to work. They can draw upon their massive inventory and network of suppliers to find the avionics equipment you need, at a price that can't be beat.