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Dean Kantis

Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Airport/SheltAir/KFL

1100 Lee Wagener Blvd, Suite #211

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 USA

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Detailed Description

Thank you for your inquiry on our new Part 135 Offering.  This is already approved, jet proving runs done, for “jet/turbine aircraft” and currently has a Lear 45 and a Pilatus PC12 on the D085 running 135 charters.  Full 119 staffed, DO/DM/CP, Pilots, sales/dispatch and has contracted revenue with JetLinx with hourly/monthly minimums in place.  In addition, there is about $6k/month of Part 91 Management income for (3) single/twin piston aircraft.  Seller owns the Lear 45, which can be purchased at market price to help you if needed, get the possible 80% depreciation bonus for the 2023 tax year.  Ask:  $1.395m | Make Offer.

Part 135 Benefits: (Accreditations/Approvals)
Founded 2018:  (Company founded in November 2017; Lear 60 was purchased January 2nd 2018, the initial FAA meeting was February 2018 and the first flight on our charter certificate was October 2018).
Lear 60 Jet Proving Runs approved.
9 Pax Seat Jet Aircraft approved.
FULL/STANDARD/UNLIMITED aircraft/pilot/types.
Past D085: Challenger 300, Lear 60, Lear 45 and Pilatus PC12.
Current D085:  Lear 45 (can be available for purchase at $3.2m/Make Offer) and Pilatus PC12.
Anti-Alcohol/Anti-Drug Programs.
EFB “Electric Flight Bag.”
A0025/Electronic Doc’s and Signature.
Wyvren Registered and Argus Gold.
OpSpecs: USA48, Canada, Alaska, Mexico-Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Central America.
International Customs:  $50k Cash/Bond Pre-Paid:  ($1,500/year).
(3) Pistons managed are in Midland, TX.
$5,500/month:  (3) Part 91 Managed Aircraft:  C414/$2,500/mo.  SR22: $1,500/mo. C421/$1,500mo.
Contracts:  JETLINX:  Contracted 100% of the charter on the Lear 45 with 2 hour/daily minimum/65 hours/month. $4,000/hr
Flightsafety and CAE for all recurrent type ratings.
Basic INDOC Training is done all online with Advanced AirCrew Academy.
Emergency Training/Drill Water Training is done with AirCare Facts Training at the CAE Dallas facility.
Note:  Current application for B036 in work with the FAA; goal to have tabletop/validation flight done before the end of the year.
(FAA will require a validation flight in Remote or Oceanic Airspace (or what was formerly known as Class II airspace)   So it would be a flight just across the Gulf of Mexico…Or accomplished in a simulator.   Depending on the FAA too they have said that they may let them just do a tabletop exercise.   They are not applying for the North Atlantic Tracks at this time mainly because they do not have anything that will go that far).

LEAR 45:  (Market Value:  $3.2m/$1.9m debt).
For sale, could stay on and be managed.
1999 Lear 45 w/L3 WiFi, w/APU, BR engines, new paint/new interior in Oct. 2021 and on MSP Engine Programs/CAMP MX (Est.

60/hours/month.  3 months on D085, crewed and ready to charter July 2023. 
(15/85 split and $1,500/month. Owners pay for everything).

Charter Income:
2021:  $2.1m/gross.  
2022:  $3.7m/gross. 
2023 Outlook:  Est. $400k/month; Est. $4.5m/gross.  Est. $100k. (Expenses due to Lear 45 MX this year).