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Dean Kantis

Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Airport/SheltAir/KFL

1100 Lee Wagener Blvd, Suite #211

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 USA

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Detailed Description

Thank you for your inquiry on our “Part 135 Offering.”  This 135 has FULL/STANDARD/UNLIMITED approval and is perfect for bringing on a twin turbine jet/or/turbo prop aircraft and can either take over the existing 119 staff (DO/DM/CP) and/or bring in your own 119 staff (replace one at a time).  PDP:  “Pilot Development Program” approval for pilots with 500+ hours or more!  This saves a huge amount of pilot time for the Part 135 operator!  Perfect for “Fire Fighting” which is what it has been used for over the past few years or executive AdHoc charter.   OPSpecs:  USA 48, Canada, Alaska, Mexico.  Ask:  $595,000 USD | Make Offer | Possible Financing.

Part 135 Accreditations/Approvals Include:
Founded:  1986.
Nevada FAA FSDO.
Yearly renewed LLC entity no income nor expenses run through this entity.
FULL/STANDARD/UNLIMITED:  6 or more pilots, 6 or more aircraft, and unlimited aircraft types.
119 Staff:  DO/DM/CP can stay on with new owner or one by one transition out to buyer’s 119 staff.
Anti-Alcohol/Anti-Drug programs.
Will not carry.
PAX/CARGO approval.
9 or less passenger aircraft approval.
Jet Ready Proving Runs:  Just performed with a Citation 501SP jet (4/2024).
A025:  “Electronic Record Keeping/MEL.”
EFB:  “Electronic Flight Bag” approval.
PDP:  “Pilot Development Program” approval.  (Commercial Pilots/Right Seat:  500 hr/+/pilots can log Time).
OpSpecs:  USA48, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and Caribbean.
Current D085:  Citation 501SP, (2) Turbin Aero Commander AC90C (Pulling one of them off now and moving to another 135).
Aero Commander ($1.2m USD range) Set up for Executive/8 Pax configuration and/or “Fire Fighting.”
“Inter Agency Card” for the US Forestry approved for “Fire Fighting.”
Past D085:  Turbin Aero Commanders since 2020.