• For Sale
  • 1979
  • N6033X
  • TC-2220
  • Seattle, WA USA

239000 $239,000 USD

Latitude Aviation LLC

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    • For Sale
    • 1979
    • N6033X
    • TC-2220
    • Seattle, WA USA

    Latitude Aviation LLC

    Neal Schwartz

    General Specs (cont.)


    821 SMOH

    827 SMOH

    656 SPOH

    656 SPOH

    1568 lb




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    4708 TT, 821/827 SMOH (and 261/521 since IRAN), 656 SPOH, New deice boots, Aspen 2000 PFD/MFD, Avidyne IFD 540, Century IV autopilot, GTX 330ES transponder, PMA 8000BT audio panel, EDM 790 engine monitor, alcohol propellers and windshield, SRS aluminum elevators, Surefly electronic ignition, D'Shannon baffle kit, GAMIjectors, dual yoke, large baggage door, LED lights.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Aspen 2000 Max PFD/MFD (with SVT and EA 100 autopilot adapter)
    Avidyne IFD 540 #1 WAAS GPS/Nav/Comm 
    Collins VIR 351 #2 Nav
    Collins VHF 251 #2 Com
    Century IV autopilot with altitude hold, yaw damper and electric trim
    Garmin GTX 330ES ADS-B Out transponder 
    PS Engineering PMA 8000BT audio panel
    JPI EDM 790 engine monitor
    Aerospace Logic FL202D digital fuel and ammeter gauge (with CiES fuel senders)
    2 Garmin GSB 15 USB plugs
    Astrotech LC-2A digital chronometer
    Single-piece SRS Aviation instrument panel


    Aircraft hangared at Seattle Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett, WA (40-minute drive from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)
    Always US-based 
    Complete logbooks and high-resolution photo gallery available by email request 
    Annual inspection due 3/2025 
    IFR certification due 2/2026
    ELT battery due 1/2026
    All FAA AD's in compliance  
    FAA AD 90-08-04 complied with 2/2020 (no cracks found) and next due at 4997.0 TT 
    Minor damage history - (1) Replaced rudder due to hangar rash at avionics shop (2) Cowling, LH aileron and RH flap repaired for unknown reason 5/2005 (3) Radome replaced for unknown reason 11/1997
    Max Gross Takeoff Weight:	5100 pounds    
    Basic Empty Weight:		3532 pounds
    Useful Load:			1568 pounds
    Usable Fuel Capacity:		136 gallons
    Empty CG:			80.97 inches

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    821/827 SMOH and 261/527 SIRAN - Continental IO-470-L (Shiloh Aviation Center 1/2001 and 8/2000 and IRAN by Nevada Aircraft Engines 10/2018 and 8/2014)
    3/2024 annual inspection compressions
    LH 76/78/73/77/72/74
    RH 71/73/76/74/77/77

    Interior / Exterior

    White with Light Blue and Dark Blue stripes
    Paint touch-up by Sunquest Air Specialties 4/2024
    Tan leather interior
    New seats and sidewalls 8/2014
    Glove box 
    6 seat interior configuration


    Miscellaneous Recent Maintenance:
    Paint touch-up by Sunquest Air Specialties 4/2024
    New brake linings 3/2024
    New LH dry air pump 11/2023
    New Aerospace Logic FL202D fuel/ammeter gauge and CiES fuel senders 3/2023
    New RH fuel flow transducer 10/2022
    New Concorde RG25XC batteries 9/2022
    Installed serviceable painted rudder due to hangar rash at avionics shop 8/2022
    Install D'Shannon baffle kits 6/2022
    Surefly electronic ignition system installed 5/2022
    Reseal nose strut 5/2022
    New LH and RH ignition harness 4/2022
    Overhaul RH starter adapter 8/2021
    New LH and RH tires 6/2021
    Overhaul RH starter 2/2021
    Repair autopilot roll servo and computer 2/2020
    New LH and RH URHB32E spark plugs 2/2020
    Overhaul LH and RH elevators with aluminum SRS Aviation STC 2/2020
    New LH and RH fuel caps 6/2019
    New SMR deice boots 5/2019
    Overhaul RH propeller governor 3/2019
    Reseal RH propeller by Northwest Propeller Service 2/2019
    LH and RH engine 500-hour magneto inspection/repair 10/2018
    LH engine inspection/repair to replace crankshaft by Nevada Aircraft Engines 10/2018
    LH propeller inspection/reseal by Northwest Propeller Service 10/2018
    New nose gear tire 5/2018
    New RH exhaust 4/2018
    Overhaul landing gear motor 4/2018
    New LH and RH brake discs 4/2018
    New RH starter 11/2015
    Re-rig entire landing gear system 10/2015
    Replace nose gear rod ends 10/2015
    Overhaul LH alternator 10/2015
    Overhaul LH starter adapter 10/2015
    New engine hoses 10/2015
    New flap motor 10/2015
    New RH vacuum pump 12/2014
    Disassemble/Inspect/Repair LH and RH engines due to inactivity by Nevada Aircraft Engines 8/2014
    New camshafts
    New lifters
    New spark plugs
    Honed all cylinders
    Overhaul RH #1 cylinder
    Overhaul LH crankcase
    New RH LE fuel cell 2/2012
    Overhaul RH alternator 4/2008
    Overhaul fuel selector valves 5/2005
    New LH LE fuel cell 5/2005
    New wing bolts 5/2005
    Overhaul LH starter 5/2005
    Repair LH and RH engine cowlings for unknown reason 5/2005
    Repair/reskin LH aileron for unknown reason 5/2005
    Repair/reskin RH flap for unknown reason 5/2005
    Repair engine mounts 4/2005
    New RH inboard fuel cell 4/2002
    New LH fuel cell 8/1999
    New radome 11/1997