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  • Seattle, WA USA

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A.C. Propeller Service Inc

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    • Overhauls
    • Governor Overhauls
    • Seattle, WA USA

    A.C. Propeller Service Inc


    925 S Nebraska St

    Seattle, WA 98108 USA

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    Detailed Description

    Rely on Us for Aircraft Engine Governor Overhaul Work.
    Want to get your aircraft's engine governor repaired? The professionals at A.C. Propeller Service, Inc can help. Our family-owned business has been around since 1967.
    Our Governor Overhaul Services:
    • Disassemble for cleaning of all parts
    • Inspect for wear, corrosion, and service limits
    • NDT parts for cracks and casting flaws
    • Check applicable service bulletins and airworthiness
    • Directives
    • Cadmium plate outer hardware
    • Reassemble with new parts
    • Function test and set govern or to your application
    • Yellow tag and mounting gasket included when shipped