• For Sale
  • 1983
  • N491SC
  • 332441
  • Ft. Lauderdale (KFXE), FL USA

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Southern Cross Aircraft - Rick Carvalho

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    • For Sale
    • 1983
    • N491SC
    • 332441
    • Ft. Lauderdale (KFXE), FL USA

    Southern Cross Aircraft - Rick Carvalho

    Rick Carvalho

    19545 Greentree Way Ste A

    Cornelius, NC 28031 USA

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    General Specs (cont.)


    8492 HOURS




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    1983 AERO VODOCHODY L-39C, Synthetic Vision, ADS-B In / Out with Traffic, XM Weather, and FIS-B Weather, Flight Director and Energy Vector, GTN 750xi, Fully coupled auto pilot, and more.

    Avionics / Equipment

    All New Garmin Glass Conversion Completed 2023
    G3X 10.6’ Touch Certified IFR
    G3X 7” Portrait Touch Certified
    GEA 24 Engine Indication System (EIS)
    GTN 750xi WAAS GPS / NAV / COMM / MFD #1
    GTN 750xi WAAS GPS / NAV / COMM / MFD #2
    GMA 535 Remote Audio Processor
    GTX 345R Remote Mount ADS-B In / Out Transponder #1
    GTX 345R Remote Mount ADS-B In / Out Transponder #2
    GDL 52R Remote Mount Sirius XM Weather Antenna
    G5 Electronic Standby Flight Instrument (battery equipped)
    Garmin Flightstream 510 (Bluetooth)
    Garmin G3X Digital Autopilot w 507 AP Control Head 
    G3X 10.6” Touch Certified IFR
    G3X 7” Portrait Touch Certified
    Synthetic Vision
    ADS-B In / Out with Traffic, XM Weather, and FIS-B Weather
    Flight Director and Energy Vector
    Remote mount components when possible so rear cockpit has access to all avionics systems apart from direct entry into the GTN Navigator
    Flightstream data card in GTN 750xi to allow direct transfer of flight plans from tablet to navigator
    Wireless transfer of flight plans from ForeFlight / tablet to the G3X avionics suite
    Fully coupled auto pilot including approach mode and coupled missed approach
    All flight data recorded at one sample a second (including all Phase 1 and Phase 2 flights to date)


    Total Time: 1,563.2 (as of June, 2023)
    Home Base: Ft. Lauderdale, FL (KFXE)
    Regulation: Experimental

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Honeywell TFE731-3DR-1D (removed from Sabre 65)
    Serial Number P83138, Installed June, 2023
    8,492.5 Total Hours / 8,098 Total Cycles
    CZI Last Complied With at 6,191.8 (4,200 TBO / Due Next at 10,391.8)
    1,899.3 Hours Remaining to CZI (Core Zone Inspection)
    3,131 Cycles Remaining on highest cycle disk
    Note: Hot is on condition and not subject to MPI time out

    Interior / Exterior

    Entire Front and Rear Cockpits Repainted in Grey
    Custom Carbon Fiber Avionics Panels and New Desk Panels
    Leather Upholstered Glareshield Panels
    Custom Lightweight Composite Adjustable Seat Assemblies Upholstered in Leather
    All New Canopy and Windscreen Glass 2023
    New Custom Multi Button Control Stick Grip in Front Cockpit
    Front Cockpit Red Lights for Night Operations
    USB Charging Ports in both Front and Rear Cockpit
    Bose Headset Jacks in Front and Rear Cockpit w Dual Plug Options (LEMO + Regular)
    All New Custom Exterior Paint Completed January, 2024
    Digital CAMO Custom Scheme w Black, Grey, and White Detailing including Landing Gear, Gear Doors, and Engine Inlet
    Tail VG’s Removed for Cleaner Airflow
    Obsolete Exterior Scoop Replaced w Flush Carbon Cheek Panel


    American Albatros Conversion & Phase 1 Sign Off Completed June, 2023
    Conditional (Annual) Inspection Completed June 12, 2023 at 1,563.2 Total Hours (due 6/30/24)
    24 Month 91.411 Transponder / Pitot Static Check Completed 6/5/23 (due 6/30/25)
    Weight & Balance Completed February, 2024. New Empty Weight is 6,375 Lbs
    Starter / Generator Rebuilt in 2023
    American Albatros Conversion Completed June 2023 by East2West Aero ( https://www.east2westaero.com )
    Empty Weight reduced from 7,450 lbs to 6,375 lbs
    Optional Challenger 600 series Pitot / Static System Mounted on Airframe
    Optional Mountain High Pulse Demand O2 System with Both Front and Rear Cockpit Hookups
    Tip Tanks Operational (additional 26 Gallons per side)
    Aprox 329 Gallons Usable Fuel (277 on Airframe + 52 Gallons in Tips) with the Decreased Consumption of the TFE-731 allows for 2.5 Hour Trips
    4 Nose Mounted Concord RG-35A Batteries (increased starting capacity)
    Navigation, Strobe, and Position Lights Upgraded to LED
    Original Nitrogen Canopy Seal System Removed and Replaced w Custom Electric Air Pump
    Optional Titanium Front Motor Mounts
    All New Tefzel Laser Marked Wiring
    US sourced 115V Inverter
    East2West Custom Electro-Hydraulic Pump System
    East2West Custom High Current DC Electrical System
    *Specifications and times are subject to verification. Aircraft offered is subject to prior sale, lease, and / or withdrawal from the market.*