• For Sale
  • 2018
  • N840BC
  • Not Listed
  • Nampa, ID USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2018
  • N840BC
  • Not Listed
  • Nampa, ID USA

Northwest Backcountry Aircraft LLC

Kasey / Bob

Jackson Jet Center Boise


Nampa, ID USA

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Detailed Description

Brand new 2018 180HP Scout, Ferry time only! Ready to go.

We are conveniently located at the Jackson Jet Center on the Boise Airport, Caldwell & Nampa Airports.

Avionics / Equipment

We can do a one day install of the Garmin 796, or custom build to your specs.
We now have laser cutting capability and make the panel YOU want in short order.

Garmin 225 Comm
Garmin 345 full ADSB compliant transponder
JPI EDM 930 with full engine monitoring.
PM 3000 stereo intercom
In panel USB connections

Brand new just arrived, Ferry time only
Detailed and ready to go. 
Any tire option you want, 8:50’s to 35” AK Bushwheels


Full composite floorboards
External baggage door
Extended baggage
Airfoil “flying tail” rock solid slow speed handling

Engines / Mods / Prop

Light power 180 HP Lycoming with roller lifters! The lightest most reliable 180 HP on the planet. 2200 hr TBO !
Beautifully balanced fantastic tandem 2 seater!
70 gallons long range fuel

New Hartzell “made in America” carbon fiber prop. Amazing, light, durable, great performance. Out performs all others with no rpm limitations

Interior / Exterior

Custom painted wing sunrays and fuselage side stripes
Totally upgraded interior with  “Garrett Leather”, the best in the industry. 
Comfort foam seats
Wide padded rear seats (Not a sling torture device) that have “quick detach pins” Remove rear seat in one minute.
Rear seat heat


As the top American Champion dealer in the world, we have figured out all of the “makes sense” options and order accordingly.  That being said, we can make panel upgrades and changes in just a few days.  You want it;  we can do it.

Our industry leading experience and the fact that we are the largest and longest running factory authorized new American Champion dealer will help maximize your ownership and/or selling experience. Scouts or Super D’s... we are the leaders.  

Bob and Kasey both own Scouts and have hundreds of hours in type.  Go with the dealers that own them…and know them…in all flying conditions.

Custom Scouts in inventory and with all the tried and true equipment to perform in the bush.  In addition to the factory options listed below, we have an impressive list of modifications that we do in our shop to make the Scout truly super.  Please call us to discuss our mods in detail. 

Looking for trades, all late model American Champion products, late model Maules, 185’s, 206’s, Bonanzas and Diamonds.  If it is nice and in great shape, call us!

*Complete aircraft brokerage services
*30,000 sq. ft. of heated hangar space in Idaho
*No charge to hangar your aircraft while being marketed
*Full shop for fabric, paint, composites, engine, airframe and warranty support
*Complete expert detailing services to maximize resale value
*Extensive international export/import experience-crating/shipping/customs
*Financing available through our banking partners
*Highly experienced ferry pilots to deliver or pick up your aircraft 
*Highly experienced and skilled tailwheel, off airport and aerobatic instructors
*We are “off airport, bush flying” experts