• For Sale
  • 2011
  • N563AP
  • E-3967
  • Roanoke, TX USA

775000 $775,000 USD

Mike Sasser

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    • For Sale
    • 2011
    • N563AP
    • E-3967
    • Roanoke, TX USA

    Mike Sasser


    General Specs (cont.)


    657 STOH

    657 SNEW

    1188 lb






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Link to logs and more detail: https://boomerangair.net/inventory/2011-beechcraft-tat-tn-g36-bonanza/
    TN, Tips, O2, AC, G1000 NXi, LED, G&D's, D'Shannon Genesis Package, Biggs Aircraft Paint, Powermaster Engine
    Cutter Aviation Annual will be completed in April 2024
    IFR certification due 4/2025
    ELT battery due 6/2025
    Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 4000 pounds
    Basic Empty Weight: 2812 pounds
    Useful Load: 1188 pounds
    Usable Fuel Capacity: 114 gallons
    Empty Weight CG: 80.19 inches

    Avionics / Equipment

    • Garmin NXI G1000 Integrated Glass Panel (with WAAS and SVT) o Garmin SVT (Synthetic Vision Technology)
    o GarminGMA-1347DigitalAudioPanel/6PlaceIntercomSystemwithAuxMusicInputs (Front/Rear)
    o GarminGIA-63WNAV/COMM/GPSwithGlideslope(#1)-WAAS o GarminGIA-63WNAV/COMM/GPSwithGlideslope(#2)-WAAS o GarminGDU-1050PrimaryFlightDisplay(PFD)
    o GarminGDU-1055Multi-FunctionDisplay(MFD)
    o GarminGRS-77AttitudeHeading&ReferenceSystem(AHRS) o GarminGDC-74AAirDataComputer(ADC)
    o GarminGMU-44Magnetometer
    o GarminGEA-71Engine/AirframeComputer
    o GarminGFC-700IntegratedAutomaticFlightControlSystem(AFCS)withFlightDirector(with VNAV on descent)
    • Garmin GTS 820 active traffic system
    • Garmin GTX 345R remote ADS-B In/Out transponder (also wirelessly transmits ADS weather, traffic, and
    AHRS information to iPad)
    • Garmin GDL-69A XM Digital Nexrad Satellite Weather Data Link/XM Stereo
    • Garmin FlightStream 510 Bluetooth wireless gateway (data streaming and wireless NavData updates)
    • Garmin SurfaceWatch
    • Garmin GRC 10 XM remove control
    • Garmin Terrain Awareness & Warning System (TAWS-B Displayed on Either PFD/MFD)
    • Artex ME406 Emergency Locator Transmitter
    • CO Guardian 451-101 panel-mounted carbon monoxide detector
    • Pilot Control Wheel Push-To-Ident Switch
    • Pilot Control Wheel Clear/Audio Replay Switch
    Additional Equipment:
    • D'Shannon Genesis Conversion
    • D'Shannon 20-gallon tip tanks with electric transfer pump system and Aerospace Logic LCD fuel gauge
    • D'Shannon engine baffle kit
    • D'Shannon aileron and flap gap seals
    • Built-in 6-place oxygen system (115 cubic feet)
    • Factory air conditioning
    • Heated propeller deice
    • G&D Aero tinted window inserts
    • Knots2U HID landing light
    • LED taxi light
    • AeroLED tail nav/strobe light
    • Mountain View Aviation Door Steward
    • Eagle fuel quick drains


    Recent Maintenance:
    • New #1 cylinder 4/2023
    • All new URHB32E spark plugs 4/2023
    • New LH and RH brake linings 4/2023
    • New electric standby battery 4/2023
    • Tornado Alley Tune Ada, OK 12/2023
    • Re-rig landing gear 4/2023
    • New LH magneto 1/2023
    • New nose tire 6/2022
    • New RH magneto 3/2022
    • New #2 and #5 cylinders 3/2022
    • Overhaul #1 alternator 12/2021
    • 500-hour landing gear motor inspection 1/2021
    • New Concorde RG24-16 #1 battery 8/2020
    • New Concorde RG-125 #2 battery 8/2020
    • Oxygen hydrostatic test performed 9/2018
    • New turbocharger tailpipe v-band clamp at 563 TT 9/2018
    • New #3 cylinder 9/2017
    • New turbo v-band clamp 9/2013
    • New brake rotors 9/2017
    • Tornado Alley Whirlwind III system installation 7/2013
    • Repair by Biggs Aircraft following long landing incident 7/2013
    • Engine disassembly, inspection, and repair by Powermaster Aircraft Engines 7/2013
    • 6 overhauled cylinders by Powermaster Aircraft En

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    • Continental Motors Inc. IO-550-B
    • Whirlwind III Tornado Alley turbo-normalizer system with Rammer II upgrade (with larger intercooler)
    • Rammer II nose bowl inlet air scoop on engine cowling
    • TAT/GAMI louvered access panel and gill doors
    • D'Shannon engine baffle kit
    • TurboGAMIjectors (customized tuned fuel injectors)
    • 4/2023 Compressions: NEW/79/77/70/78/65

    Interior / Exterior

    • New paint by Biggs Aircraft 7/2013
    • Matterhorn White with Ming Blue Metallic and Tibetan Gold Metallic stripes
    • Light tan leather with tan sidewalls
    • Tan carpet
    • Ramshead removable sheepskins for pilot and co-pilot seats
    • Leather-wrapped yokes
    • GTEC, Inc. left and right assist handles for pilot and co-pilot seats (installed by Biggs Aircraft)
    • Glove box
    • Executive desk
    • SoundEx soundproofing insulation


    Aircraft landed long on 9/6/2012 and had a runway excursion causing a right main landing gear collapse and damage to the airframe and wings. Damage was expertly repaired by Biggs Aircraft in Wellston, OK and during the repair process the aircraft received the TAT TN system along with many other upgrades.