• For Sale
  • 1976
  • N9723H
  • 17266336
  • Houston (KIWS), TX USA

126900 $126,900 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1976
  • N9723H
  • 17266336
  • Houston (KIWS), TX USA

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7083 Hollywood Blvd Ste 564

Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


483 SMOH

483 SPOH




Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

1976 Cessna 172M/180HP Air Plains Conversion, N9723H, 180 HP Airplains Conversion, Solid Airframe, Complete Logs, Low Engine Time since Major Overhaul, Basic IFR Equipped, Garmin 430W, ADS-B I/O, Looks Good!

Avionics / Equipment


    Garmin GNS 430/WAAS GPS/Nav/Com

    Garmin GMA audio panel

    Cessna 300 Nav/Com

    FS450 Fuel Flow other

    Cessna 300 ADF

    Garmin transponder with ADS-B I/O

Other Equipment:

    Shoulder harnesses

    Engine conversion

    Pilot push to talk

    Aux power plug

    Copilot push to talk

    Strobe lights

    Wheel pants

    Instrument lighting

    Outside air temperature

    Digital fuel flow indicator

    Digital fuel flow indicator


7246 Hours Total Time

Date of last annual: 07/24/2023

Engines / Mods / Prop


Hours since major: 483 hrs

Date of Major: 11/16/2011

Name of Engine Shop: AIR PLAINS NEW

Horespower: 180 HP

Manufacturer: Lycoming Model: 0-360-A4M
Serial Number: L-41970-36E


483 Hours Since Prop Overhaul

Interior / Exterior


The condition of the interior, including the seats, carpet, side panels, and all plastic components are rated from fair to good condition.


The overall condition of the exterior is good. The finish is very shiny with no significant chips or scratches and no missing paint.



A visual inspection of the aircraft shows no obvious signs of any damage or repairs. The logbook are original, complete, well organized and legible.

Message From the Owner

I purchased my airplane back in 2006 from a guy in the Houston area because local rental availability was just too difficult to deal with. I wanted to be able to fly whenever the mood struck. For me flying not only provided relaxation and entertainment, but also a convenient means of transportation. I enjoyed being able to attend family gatherings without the long drives. Being self-employed, I also enjoyed the ability to return quickly to address my business affairs. Finally, to top it off, I was fortunate enough to utilize my pilot skills to take part in a number of charity flights. Unfortunately, I have recently been handed some medical challenges that have put extra burdens on my flying and reduced the practicality. Therefore and a bit reluctantly, I have decided to sell. I hope the new owner gets as much enjoyment from this great airplane as I have. ~Charles

This 1976 Cessna 172/180 HP Conversion is a great find. The airframe has average time, is solid and comes with a complete set of original logs. The engine has low time since major overhaul by Airplains. The plane is IFR equipped with a Garmin GNS430W, a Garmin audio panel, a Garmin transponder with ADS-B and more. If you are looking for a simple to fly and easy to maintain Skyhawk with a little extra punch that the conversion provides, this is your chance. At this price, it will not be available for very long, so be sure to contact is right away!