1980 CESSNA 180K

  • For Sale
  • 1980
  • CESSNA 180K
  • N414KF
  • 18053147
  • Palo Alto USA

240000 $240,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1980
  • CESSNA 180K
  • N414KF
  • 18053147
  • Palo Alto USA

General Specs (cont.)


1451 SMOH

1451 SNEW

1345 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Pristine 1980 Cessna 180K with Skywagon II package.

TTAF 4317 with COMPLETE LOGS and NO DAMAGE history.

FRESH JUNE 2, 2023 ANNUAL with current pitot-static inspection for IFR ops.  Next Annual due June 2024.

HANGARED in California.

Factory seaplane built with optional 88-gallon BLADDERS and zinc-chromate primer throughout the interior skins. It also has the unique combination of extended baggage, 10-degree flap position, 28-volt electrics with battery underneath the baggage compartment, quick-release rear bench seating which articulate, courtesy 'porch' lights underneath the wings, super bright grimes lighting in the cockpit and extended baggage area, rudder return spring access plates, and the SK185 jack-screw access panel in the bottom rear of the fuselage.

Avionics / Equipment

IFR CERTIFIED Avionics include:

*G430Waas with Glideslope,
*G347 audio panel, 
*G327 transponder coupled to GDL82 ADS-B solution with 337,
*King KX125 with VOR indicator,
*Comant antennas with integral GPS antennas new in 2017,
*Digital R.C. Allen gyros allowing deletion of vacuum pump,
*JPI 3-inch EDM700 with CHT, EGT, and fuel-flow. 
*Load-factor-correct G-meter,
*Pointer 406 ELT with remote switch,
*NOAA registered EPIRB,
*SIRS compass
*Custom engraved panel/avionics placards throughout,
*Rear headphone jacks.
*Brand new voltage regulator.


FRESH JUNE 2, 2023 ANNUAL INSPECTION with current pitot-static inspection.  Next Annual due JUNE 2024.

Hangared in California. 

TTAF 4317 with complete logs and NO known damage history. 

Factory seaplane built with optional 88-gallon seaplane bladders having the 4 modern raised gas caps - used on floats in freshwater for only 191 hours when new in 1980, land plane ever since. Zinc-primered throughout. 

Has factory extended baggage. 

Tailwheel assembly recently overhauled. 

Brand new Superhawk 850x6 tires.

SK185-27 jackscrew access cover installed. 

Has 'Grimes' interior lighting fixture in the cockpit and cargo area, and original cessna courtesy 'porch' lights in the wings.  

Useful load approximately 1345lbs.  Gross weight is 3190 pounds.

AD2020-21-22 tailcone inspection recently performed with NO evidence of damage found.

Engines / Mods / Prop

*PPonk 275Hp 0-470-50 TSMOH 1451hrs in twenty-eleven with ECI nickel-carbide cylinders NOT subject to any AD's and COMPRESSIONS ALL IN THE 70's as of Fresh June 2 annual inspection. Pponk listed TBO is 2000 hours.

*Counterweight bushings and pins recently replaced.

*Hartzell 3-blade scimitar seaplane prop 84-inch diameter TT 1451 since new in 2011.

*Bendix S6RN-1225 series magnetos recently overhauled.

*Acorn seaplane exhaust new in 2016. 

*Overhauled airbox with Dynamic propeller support brackets, and McFarlane valve, bearing, & shaft kit; zinc primered and clear coated.

*Classic-style starter adapter with heavy duty starter motor - the 'best' setup.

*Overhauled alternator just installed.

*Complete oil analysis every 35 to 50 hours since engine overhaul in 2011.

*Vacuum pump deleted since the gyros now are all digital.

Interior / Exterior

*Single-stage paint and all new plexiglass windows in 2017 including 
'one-piece' Great Lakes Aero 1/4'" thick windshield.  Condition 9/10.

*Certified fireproofed upholstery redone in 2012 along with Metzeler custom-fit rubber flooring.  Condition 8/10.

*Headliner removed for custom-fit 'Supersound'-proofing foam installation throughout the cabin for that 'jeep rubicon look' with felt added in high-wear areas.

*Old headliner and interior plastics still available.


STC's installed include:
*Pponk engine and Hartzell prop, 
*Acorn exhaust with Maple leaf fairing, 
*Davis Seaplane pivoting engine mount, 
*Kenmore Gross weight increase to 3190lbs, 
*BAS harnesses & tailwheel pull handles, 
*Whelen strobes.

FAA-PMA parts installed include:
*ABI 6-bolt heavy duty aluminum wheels with NEW 850x6 tires, 
*ABI twin-piston brake calipers with brand new cleveland pads and new black stainless rotors, 
*McFarlane push-pull controls, 
*McFarlane flap-roller upgrade kit, 
*McFarlane flap stiffeners,
*McFarlane stainless jack-screw assemblies accessible via the tailcone SK185-27 access plate installed, 
*McFarlane trim wheel shaft.

UNICORN improvements:
*FIELD-APPROVED Goodyear 26-inch tundra tires on dedicated ABI wheels in new condition.
*TITANIUM-modified tailwheel fork with 337, warrantied for life against kick-spring bracket breakage.

Additional goodies:
*COMPLETE SET of Airframe & Engine maintenance & parts MANUALS.
*Comes with tuff-jugs for tankering avgas,
*very expensive avjack for changing tires,
*various spares.