• Sold
  • 2003
  • N53098
  • T18208187
  • Chattanooga (KFGU), TN USA

359574 $359,574 USD

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  • Sold
  • 2003
  • N53098
  • T18208187
  • Chattanooga (KFGU), TN USA

General Specs (cont.)


497 SFRM

497 SPOH

1002 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

SOLD - Priced $25,240 below Aircraft Blue Book Digest appraisal. PRISTINE inside, outside & mechanically! NO DAMAGE HISTORY-always hangared-1381 hrs. total flight time-493 hrs. SFRME installed 5/2015 due to FAA crankshaft AD-cleaned after every flight & hangared when traveling overnight-TURN KEY!   

This 2003 Cessna Turbo-charged Skylane equipped with WAAS/TAWS/ADSB- in/out, XM WX, XM MUSIC and much more has been owned, upgraded and pampered for the past 5 years by a father and son who love aviation and are OCD about their airplanes (18 ). Absolutely nothing is ever left unattended awaiting next annual. During our ownership, the plane has never been flown off-pavement, never encountered ice and always flown at 50-65% cruise. 

This plane serves multiple missions. Being turbo-charged with a 17,000' service ceiling and having 87 gallons useable fuel makes it a perfect family traveler for both regional as well as longer cross country flights. The 1002 pound useful load provides many cargo/fuel combinations. Attending Saturday morning fly-in breakfasts and maintaining instrument approach proficiency while burning 10.5 gallons per hour are luxuries of a piston powered airplane. 

If you're not instrument rated yet, this is the perfect platform to obtain the license. Its HSI plus two additional GS/LOC, two transponders, GNS 530WT, GDL 69A (yes, Sirius XM WX and XM MUSIC) make this airplane full service. Additionally, the panel mounted hard-wired dual USB connector located slightly above and right of co-pilot's yoke makes for an  uncluttered cockpit (we use a RAM co-pilot yoke mount and Apple BT iPad mini 4 along with ForeFlight to obtain ADSB-IN, SVT, Garmin approach plates and WX redundancy). Both the Apple BT iPad mini 4 & RAM MOUNT remain with the aircraft along with model specific center console located between pilot & co-pilot's seat. GPSS steering, paint matched Vortex Generators, 4 place LEMO and factory dual cord headset plugs are also installed.

The plane is not a hangar queen. It is flown regularly (lucky to have both ILS and RNAV approaches within 10 miles of its home airport). A battery minder connector provides easy access and full battery charge upon engine crank. The engine heater and cowl plugs are wonderful for full time winter warmth. We also heat the interior too! All logbooks are complete from date of manufacture and available in the logs section of the ad.

This is a "showroom" quality aircraft serving many needs. It's our family's 4th Skylane in 35 years of flying single engine piston airplanes & helicopters. However, over time, needs change. We've already purchased a TKS equipped Cessna Turbo Stationair. Many fun memories and accomplishments will continue to be made by the new owner of this beautiful bird. Feel free to call, text or email with questions or concerns. Plane is hangared & located in Collegedale, TN (KFGU) 10 miles east of Chattanooga TN (KCHA).

We truly don't believe you'll find better 2003 Turbo Skylane!

Avionics / Equipment

KMA-28 Audio Panel/Marker Beacon/Intercom
CI-102 Marker Beacon Antenna
Garmin GNS 530WT with TAWS-B
KI-209A VOR/LOC/GS Indicator with GPS Indicator
CI-248 VHF/GPS Antenna
CI-120-400 NAV Antenna
Garmin GTX330ES Transponder
2nd KT76C Transponder
SSD120-35A Blind Encoder
KAP-140 Dual Axis Autopilot with Altitude Preselect
Garmin GDL 69A XM WX & Music
CSE GPS/NAV (HSI) Selector/Annunciator
2nd KX-165A Nav/Comm with Glideslope
KI-209A VOR/LOC/GS Indicator with GPS Interface
WX500 Weather Mapping Sensor
KCM-100 Configuration Module
KS-270C Pitch Axis Servo Actuator
KS-271C Roll Axis Servo Actuator
KS-272C Pitch Trim Servo Actuator

Additional Equipment:
Insight G1 Color Graphic Engine Monitor
Davtron Clock
Hop Prop
BOSE LEMO 4 place headset plugs
Built In Oxygen (hydrostatic check due 3/2028)
Apple iPad BT mini 4 and RAM MOUNT yoke adapter
Bruce all glass exterior wrap around cover (as new)
Cessna model specific multi-compartment center console with writing pad
Panel mount hard-wire dual USB connector   
Tanis engine heater
Easy access Battery Minder plug-in
Paint matched Vortex Generators
Cowl plugs with monogrammed N number (as new)
(2) Stratus 2S (primary & spare)
Complete & continuous logbooks from date of manufacture are available upon request


Total Time 1,383
Max Takeoff Weight 3,100 lb
Basic Empty Weight 2,098 lb
Useful Load 1,002 lb
Fuel Capacity Volume 87 gal
Complete Logs

Paint matched Vortex Generators

Engines / Mods / Prop

Serial Number RL-8417-61A
230 HP
497 SFRM 
Engine TBO 2,000
Year Engine Overhauled 2015
Engine Time Remaining To Overhaul 1507

FAA crankshaft AD required engine replacement. Lycoming engine Serial number RL-8417-61A was rebuilt March 30, 2015, by Lycoming factory. Subject engine was installed in N53098 on May 20, 2015.

Compression @ 4/17/2024 annual:    78, 76, 77, 76, 77, 78
Compression @ 3/6/2023 annual:      74, 73, 74, 76, 78, 73
Compression @ 2/25/2022 annual:    75, 73, 70, 73, 75, 75
Compression @ 2/2/2021 annual:      74, 76, 76, 75, 75, 77
Compression @ 1/27/2020 annual:    78, 76, 76, 75, 74, 76
Compression @ 12/19/2018 annual:  77, 74, 75, 73, 77, 74

497 SOH 
3 Blades

Overhauled prop installed 5/20/2015

Paint matched Vortex Generators

Interior / Exterior

Leather Seat Surfaces: Mink Leather with Perforated Mink Leather Insert / Mink Vinyl
Original and immaculate...9+
Perfect plastic and headliner
4 Seats
Passenger Configuration

Matterhorn White with Fed Ex Gray and Arista Blue Stripes; Arista Blue Tail and Cowling
Original and immaculate...9+
Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer tips replaced-no cracks or drill stops
Paint matched Vortex Generators installed
All glass clear and scratch free


Inspection Status:
Annual due 5/1/2025