• For Sale
  • 2022
  • YL-DON
  • Not Listed
  • Fairhope, AL USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2022
  • YL-DON
  • Not Listed
  • Fairhope, AL USA

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Detailed Description

NEW! 2022 Tarragon tandem-seat high performance aircraft. One of the most coveted new designs on the market today. Why wait for the long duration back-up to decrease when you can own this 11 hour total time airplane today! Full IFR Garmin suite,
WAAS/GPS (5), MH oxygen, leather interior, it is loaded with options. With the unbeatable strength of an all carbon construction, you can fly with confidence all while maximizing your aviation experience. The Tarragon has a service ceiling of FL250@250 kts, and you will climb to 10,000 feet in 4 min on 9 gph with long range fuel. Don't miss your chance to get ahead of the pack with this Tarragon, proudly presented by ADAX Aviation.

Contact the ADAX Aviation Sales Director Alexander King today for details.
Alexander King - ADAX Aviation
240-620-4261         Sales@adaxaviation.com

Avionics / Equipment

• PFD/MFD: Garmin G3X Touch GDU 460 WAAS/GPS SVT/Smartglide
• PFD/MFD: Garmin G3X Touch GDU 450 WAAS/GPS SVT/Smartglide
• IFR GPS/WASS Nav: Garmin GNX 375
• ADS-B in/out transponder: Garmin GNX 375
• Standby MFD/ADI: Dual GI-275 WAAS/GPS SVT/Smartglide
• Comms: Dual Garmin GTR 20s
• Terrain: E TAWS Enhanced Terrain avoidance system audible system & displays on MFDs
• Engine Monitoring: Garmin Engine and Fuel Monitoring
• Flight Director: Flight Director
• Intercom: Garmin G3X integrated Intercom - dual LEMO plugs
• Traffic: Garmin Active Traffic System
• Charts: Garmin Chart View
• Auto Pilot: Garmin Digital Autopilot
• Audio Panel: Garmin G3X with Bluetooth
• Garmin FlightStream 510 & Bluetooth Connext
• All Garmin avionics have individual battery backups
• (4) USB Dataports: Garmin GSB 15 with USB charging
• Dual iPad Mini-6 running Garmin Pilot integrated with G3X/GNX375/GI-275


11 hours total time

Engines / Mods / Prop

Rotax EP912STI

Interior / Exterior

Interior and exterior 10/10


• Ballistic Recovery System
• Softie emergency parachutes (2)
• Edge Performance STi 170 HP FADEC engine 2000 TBO
• MT-6 Lightweight Composite Constant Speed Propeller
• Garmin Digital Engine & Fuel Monitoring
• (5) ADAHRS
• Enhanced Garmin Autopilot Featuring
• Fully Coupled Approaches w/Vertical Guidance
• TOGA w/Coupled Approaches w/Vertical Guidance
• Electronic Stability Protection ESP
• Hand Flown Stall Protection Though ESP
• Check & Automated Descent Mode
• Autopilot Stall and Over-speed Protection
• Flight Director and Flight Path Marker
• ADSB IN/OUT Weather and Traffic
• 406 MHz ELT Triggered by CAPS Pull
• Garmin Flight Stream 510
• Garmin FlightCharts and SafeTaxi
• SiriusXM Weather and Audio
• 4-point safety harness
• All LED Exterior Lighting Featuring Wingtip Lighting
• Interior/Exterior Ambient Convenience Lighting
• Spin Resistant
• (3) Alternators
• Integrated Electronic Carbon Monoxide Detector
• Basic Terrain Avoidance and Warning System
• Dual Digital 6-1 Standby Instruments: GI-275
• Lightweight Beringer Wheels and Brakes
• Dual control sticks with multifunction grips
• Canopy - High Optic quality tinted w/UV Protection
• Front/rear dual air vents and dual canopy vents
• Optional full leather interior with diamond pattern
• Matching floor mats
• Rear Cargo w/MH O2 Kevlar bottle
• Halon fire suppression
• Full Bruce Cover
• First aid kit