• For Sale
  • 2005
  • N7060U
  • 106
  • Carson City, NV USA

67500 $67,500 USD

Peter Reese

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    • For Sale
    • 2005
    • N7060U
    • 106
    • Carson City, NV USA

    Peter Reese


    General Specs (cont.)


    135 HOURS

    135 HOURS

    576 lb






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    2005 KIS TR-1/PULSAR 150 • $67,500 • FOR SALE BY PROUD OWNER • 160HP LYC 135hrs TT S/N. LYC O-320 B2B, 100LL Only! Always Stored in Hangar. Fresh Annual 4/07/23. Amar Demuth Scimitar Wood Prop. This Baby Runs with RV's, Glasair's, Lancair's. Stall 53mph, Cruise 170mph, Top 195mph, VNE 216mph. Empty 924lbs, Gross 1500lbs. Fuel 32 gal, Plan 8.0gal/hr uses 7.1gal/hr. Good Garmin Panel, New ADSB In/Out, Area 560 GPS, GTX 327 TransP, SL 40 Comm. Navman Fuel Flow, PM 1200 Inter Com. Nav/Landing/Strobe Lights. Vertical Compass. Great Interior! Large Baggage Area with Turtle Deck.  New Tires,Tubes, Brakes! Trades Considered. I Need a 4 Place like Cessna Cardinal. Willing to Deliver for Expenses. • Contact Peter Reese , Owner - located Carson City, NV 89705 United States • 
    Telephone: 775-546-3139

    Avionics / Equipment

    Good Garmin Panel, 
    AV-30 Multi Function Display
    Sky Beacon ADSB OUT
    Area 560 GPS.
    GTX 327 Transponder.
    SL 40 Comm.
    Navman Fuel Flow.
    PS Engineering, PM 1200 Inter Com. 
    Nav/Landing/Strobe Lights. 
    Vertical Compass.
    12v Aux Power Port.


    135 hours Total Time
    No Damage History, Light use.  This was the builders 3 aircraft.
    VNE: 216 mph
    Maximum speed: 201 mph, 169 kn)
    Cruise speed: 175 mph, 152 kn)
    Stall speed: 55 mph, 48 kt)
    Range: 750 mi, 650 nmi)
    Service ceiling: 17,000 ft
    Rate of climb: 1,500ft/min 
    Wing loading: 14.8 lb/sq ft 
    Fuel: 100LL 32gal 
    Fuel Burn Cruise: 7.6gal/hr

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    LYC O-320 B2B, 160HP 100LL Only!, 135hrs TT S/N. This KIS TR-1 / Pulsar 150 has been Hangared in Dry desert climate since new.  No corrosion anywhere.

    Interior / Exterior

    Great Interior!  Large Baggage Area with Turtle Deck. Battery is completely covered in a custom box with finger nuts on top hidden under the rear turtle deck.  No tools required for removal or install.  Seat cushions pull right out.  Seat pans are laid atop the fuselage bottom.  No screws are required to get into the control linkage.  Just slip the stick grip off and pull the stick boot cover still attached to the seat pan up and out of the way.  Seatbelts remain and all hardware is in plain view for inspections.  KIS "Keep It Simple".


    Great handling and excellent visibility.
    This airplane flys as well or better than any Vans RV with 160hp.  It will out run
    and out climb most equivalent aircraft.
    I flew to OSH and back with a group of RV's and was amazed myself as were the other RV pilots.  This was the best part of the trip and flying this airplane.
    Being different and kicking butt, you will love it and the 7gal/hr fuel bill!
    KIS Aircraft designed the TR-1 and made parts for Lancair, Glasair, Pulsar and other aircraft MFG's.  Based in El Monte, California.  Pulsar Aircraft Company employed Richard Trickel of High Tech Composites (HTC) in Oxnard, California to design and reform the Pulsar molds. HTC was also the home of the KIS line of aircraft (designed by Trickel) after it was renamed Tri-R Technologies.
    In April of 2000, Solly Melyon bought the KIS designs from KIS Sport Aircraft. The two-seat KIS TR-1 was redesignated Pulsar 150 utilizing the Lyc O-320 150hp engine.  The KIS TR-4 Super Cruiser became the Pulsar Super Cruiser 4 place.  The KIS TR-4 is scaled up in size
    to accommodate 4 adults and baggage.
    Engines were 180-300hp and retained
    the fixed gear and other proven KIS attributes.  KIS means "Keep It Simple".  The TR-4 is comparable to the RV-10 and Wheeler Express kit built 4 place experimentals.