2000 VANS RV-6A

  • For Sale
  • 2000
  • VANS RV-6A
  • N986JW
  • 22925
  • Charleston, WV USA

95000 $95,000 USD

Steve Weaver Associates - Randy

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    • For Sale
    • 2000
    • VANS RV-6A
    • N986JW
    • 22925
    • Charleston, WV USA

    Steve Weaver Associates - Randy


    9 Morgan Addition Road

    Buckhannon, WV 26201 USA

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    General Specs (cont.)


    1986 SNEW

    1986 SNEW



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    Detailed Description

    2000 Vans RV6A For Sale. 
    From the owner: 
    "Bought from original builder in 2017. Original Builder was IA/A&P for American Airlines. Pre-buy inspection performed by: Vic Syracuse (FAA-DAR / Baseleg Aviation) in 2017. New panel, new Avionics & new electrical System installed in 2018. Local FSDO office granted new airworthiness certificate in 2018 after a/c underwent Phase II flight testing again for new avionics & changes performed. No expense has been spared in the operation & maintenance of this aircraft."
    "This RV has been a very solid, dependable, and truly capable flying aircraft that has had no major issues during my ownership. I fly it often, at least once a week, and I'm a firm believer in Mike Busch's philosophy that an aircraft that is flown regularly and often is a good thing in terms of maintainability & reliability. Even though the engine is almost TBO, it has at least another 500 to 1000 hours on the engine given the current indications of the engine - CHT/EGT are consistent & compressions are good given the hours on the engine."

    Avionics / Equipment

    Dynon Skyview HDX Touch System - New 2018 
    Two (2) SV-HDX1100 10" screen units - New 2018 
    SV-COM-T25 Radio Transceiver - New 2021 
    SV-COM-C25 Comm Radio Panel 
    SV-INTERCOM-2S/V Intercom 
    SV-KNOB-PANEL/V Bug Panel 
    SV-AP-PANEL/V Autopilot Panel 
    SV-ADAHRS-200 Air Data System 
    SV-EMS-220 Engine Monitor Sys 
    SV-GPS-2020 GPS system 
    SV-XPNDR-261 ADS-B-OUT Mode S Transponder 
    SV-ADSB-472 ADS-B-IN Receiver - Traffic & Weather 
    SV32 Autopilot Servos 2-axis: Roll & Pitch 
    Two (2) SV-BAT-320 HDX Backup Batteries 
    SV-OAT-340 Outside Air Temp Sensor 
    Two (2) Dynon WiFi Adapters 
    Seattle Avionics VFR/IFR electronic charts 
    Dynon D3 Pocket EFIS (backup NAV/ATT equip)
    Equipment & Features:
    Vertical Power VP-X Solid State Power Controller (electrical system) - New 2018 
    Artex 345 ELT - 406/121.5 with GPS - New 2019 
    New Brake Disc Rotors - New 2018 
    New Tires - New 2023 
    K&N Air Filter 
    Oil Filter Easy Spin-On 
    Vetterman Exhaust SystemCrossover 4-into-2 
    SkyTech Starter 149-12LS installed 2019 
    New Alternator installed 2019 
    PMAG Electronic Right Mag 
    Slick 4373 Left Mag - New 2021 
    New Ignition Wiring Harnesses - New 2021 
    NosegearAntisplatModification - New 2018
    No Damage History 
    Compressions: #1=73/80, #2=75/80, #3=73/80, #4=75/80


    Total Time: 1986 hrs.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Lycoming 180 hp
    Lycoming O-360-A1A
    1986 hrs. TTSN
    1986 hrs. TTSN Sensenich 72FM859 72" propeller - fixed pitch in Good Shape

    Interior / Exterior

    Interior / Exterior:
    Tosten CS-4 Stick Grips with Autopilot Disengage - New 2018 
    3-Point Safety Harnesses both Seats 
    Whelen LED Strobes & Navigation Lights - New 2018 
    Duckworks LED Landing & Taxi Lights - New 2018


    Annual: Current
    Included In Sale:
    Tow-Bar - Bruces Forward Fuselage Cover (canopy & engine areas - winter type cover) 
    Bruces Canopy Cover (everyday type cover) 
    Spare parts stock for aircraft: Tire tubes, brake master cylinders, brake pads, etc. 
    Nose wheel leg maintenance cover (for protecting NG fairing during maintenance) 
    POH manual 
    Flight Procedures manual & Checklists		
    It is the desire of the owner to sell and pass along this great aircraft to a new owner who will continue to take special care of her. Call me now to discuss this airplane.
    Specifications are based upon owner's representations, and subject to buyer's verification. Aircraft are subject to prior sale or removal from market.