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  • Brooksville, FL USA

19999 $19,999 USD

David Panzera

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  • Brooksville, FL USA

David Panzera


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Velocity SE retractable gear kit for sale. Aircraft has been hangered for entire time to now. It is located in Brooksville, FL and seller will assist in move for buyer. Aircraft was purchased as a kit and the wings have been built as well as the canard. A Velocity SE/RG Kit is 48k, it costs an additional 32,750 for fast build wings, canard and retractable gear. We are asking 20k total and will assist with the moving. View the pictures laying out all the pieces of which there are extra items coming with it from fiberglass tools to materials to an extra set of main landing gear legs. • Contact David Panzera , Owner - located Brooksville, FL 34601 United States • Telephone: 5183796773

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SE Specifications From Velocity's website

Length Overall	19'
Height	7' 9"
Wheel Base	100"
Track Width	80"
Wingspan	29' 4"
Canard Span	164"
Main Wing Area	102 Sq Ft
Canard Wing Area	19.8 Sq Ft
Total Wing Area	121.8 Sq Ft
Empty Weight	1300 lbs
Gross Weight	2300 lbs
Useful Load	1000 lbs
Fuel Capacity	60 Gallons
Wing Loading at Gross	18.88 psf
Design Load Factors	+10/-7
Tested Airframe Load	6 G-Load
Cabin W/L/H	42" x 84" x 42.5"
Seating	4
Take Off Distance	1400 ft
Rate of Climb	1200 fpm
Landing Distance	1500 ft
Cruise Speed at 75%	187 ktas*
Vne	200 kias
Ceiling	17000 ft
Range at 65%	950 NM
Minimum Speed	60 kts
Landing Speed	70 kts
-All Specifications are derived from a 200hp engine
*Expect a 5-7% knot decrease in cruise speed with fixed gear variant