• For Sale
  • 2022
  • N120VA
  • 1035
  • Miami, FL USA

399000 $399,000 USD

Ameravia Inc.

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    • For Sale
    • 2022
    • VULCANAIR V1.0
    • N120VA
    • 1035
    • Miami, FL USA

    Ameravia Inc.

    Mike McMann

    Tamiami Airport

    14299 SW 127 St. Hangar 105

    Miami, FL 33186 USA

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    General Specs (cont.)


    135 SNEW

    919 lb



    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    The V1.0 is powered by the 180 hp Lycoming IO-360-M1A that is capable of using AvGas or alternative fuels. The aircraft is equipped standard with a constant speed propeller.
    The aircraft cabin is extremely functional with four seats and three doors, and a luggage capacity of 88 lbs. in a separate compartment.
    The aircraft cockpit has been designed to keep all avionics, displays, switches and circuit breakers in an ergonomic position for the pilot, and its shape has been designed to minimize parallax errors.
    The standard full IFR avionics package features a Garmin G500 TXi coupled with a GTN650, second Nav/Com, and ADS-B In and Out. An AoA (angle of attack) indicator is offered standard in the aircraft package.
    Finally, the V1.0 is a utility category aircraft that further expands the V1.0’s ambitions.


    135 Hours Total Time

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    180 hp Lycoming IO-360-M1A


    Engine: 180 hp Lycoming IO-360-M1A
    Max Take-Off Weight 2546 lb
    Typically Equipped Empty Weight 1627 lb
    Maximum Useful Load 919 lb
    Usable Fuel Capacity 50 gal
    Maximum Seating Capacity 4
    Max Luggage Weight 88 lb
    Cruise Speed @ 75%, ISA, 6000ft 130 ktas
    Range (3 persons of 77 kg., 45-min reserve, 45% power, 10,000 ft) 591 nm
    Rate of Climb at Sea Level 900 ft/min
    Service Ceiling 14700 ft
    Takeoff Distance to 50 ft 1608 ft
    Landing Distance (over 50-ft obstacle) 1650 ft