2013 BELL 407 GX

  • Sold
  • 2013
  • BELL 407 GX
  • N400EE
  • 54457
  • Santa Rosa, CA USA

3300000 $3,300,000 USD

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  • Sold
  • 2013
  • BELL 407 GX
  • N400EE
  • 54457
  • Santa Rosa, CA USA

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Detailed Description

SOLD! 2013 Bell 407GX

Are you looking for a dual-purpose, turn-key-ready helicopter equipped for various missions? This 2013 407GX combines executive style with utility performance. With only 837 hours total time since new, this helicopter features great component times, no major upcoming inspections, and is currently FAR part 135 maintained. Equipped with the Garmin G1000 panel, this 407GX excels in any single-pilot mission. In addition to the G1000 suite, this superior helicopter gives an owner/operator greater peace of mind with these safety enhancements: up-to-date in-flight weather and the upgraded Traffic Avoidance System.

Along with these safety enhancements, the current owner has spared no expense: with plush leather seating, air-conditioning, beautiful interior trims, and the addition of USB ports, the corporate interior space was designed and built for the executive traveler. This 407GX is also equipped with an external cargo hook, allowing your operation to be executive transport today and utility external load tomorrow. This immaculate machine is ready for immediate sale. Call the team at Sellacopter today to schedule your aircraft showing.

The operator is also selling the business, including FAR Part 135 Basic (up to five pilots) Certificate and FAR 133 Certificate. The price advertised does not include company, i.e., certificates.  

For more information, contact Halsey Schider
512.886.8300 - halsey.s@sellacopter.com

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin G1000 (1040H MFD/PFD
Air Data GDC74H
VHF Radio #1 GIA 63H
VHF Radio #2 GIA 63H
GMA 350H Audio Panel
GTX-33H Transponder
BHT Radar Altimeter
XM Satellite weather & radio kit

Installed Equipment:
Air conditioning system
Bleed air cabin heater
Chin bubble defroster
Cargo hook
Auxiliary fuel tank
AAI space maker
Corporate soundproofing
Wire strike protection kit
Bear paws
AFS filter system
Cabin/crew floor protector kit
Oil cooler air flow mod
TR pedal lockout kit
Stratus USB cockpit/cabin

Ancillary Equipment:
Heli Wagon
Ground Handling Wheels
Dual Controls
Seven Bose A20 Headsets (Lemo Plug)
Blade Tie-Downs
Inlet Covers
Pitot Tube Cover
Custom Cockpit Sunshade


Airframe Total Time: 837.2

Engines / Mods / Prop

Rolls Royce 250-C47B
S/N CAE-848598
Engine Total Time: 837.2

Interior / Exterior

Beige Leather
Corporate configuration
Like New

Dark Green
Gold Accent Stripe
Like New


12-Month Inspection completed May 2022
135 operated and maintained 
All records since birth (Hard Copy and Digitalized)
Interior/exterior present like new 
High Visibility Cockpit and Cabin doors
Recent power check = +37