CURTISS Single Engine Piston Aircraft For Sale

Single Engine Piston Curtiss Aircraft Information

A series of biplane aircraft, the Curtiss JN-4 Jenny has the capacity for two crew members. The empty weight is 1390 lb (630 kg) and the maximum takeoff weight is 1920 lb (871 kg). The cruise speed is 60 mph (52 knots, 97 km/h) and the maximum speed is 75 mph (65 knots, 121 km/h). The Jenny is powered by a Curtis OX-5 V8 piston engine of 90 hp.

The 1911 Curtiss Model D is commonly known as the Curtiss Pusher. The Pusher has the capacity for one crew member and one passenger. The empty weight is 700 lb (318 kg) and the loaded weight is 1300 lb (590 kg). The aircraft is powered by a Curtiss E-4 V8 engine of 60 hp. The maximum speed is 50 mph (43 knots, 80 km/h).

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