• For Sale
  • 1979
  • N30037
  • 32R-7887264
  • Johns Island, SC USA

179000 $179,000 USD

FlyVue Aviation - Cole Gaither

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    • For Sale
    • 1979
    • N30037
    • 32R-7887264
    • Johns Island, SC USA

    FlyVue Aviation - Cole Gaither

    Cole Gaither

    General Specs (cont.)


    1348 SMOH

    262 SMOH

    1269 lb





    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Piper Lance II with amazing avionics upgrade recently completed! G3X Touch 10'' Interfaced to GTN-650XI, GFC-500 AP, GTX-345, SL-30. Transponder with ADSB In and Out, Standby Garmin G5 PFD. G3X with Active Traffic and Weather. PMA-450B Audio Panel with Bluetooth. JPI EDM 830 EIS with Manifold Pressure, RPM, Temps and More. New Turboplus Intercooler. New Interior in 2013-Executive Seating in Great Condition.. Flightstream 210 for easy uploading of flight plans. Whelen Lights. CorrsionX Treatments. Speed Mod Upgrades. Low Total Time. Low Prop Time. Great Compressions. No Damage History. All Logs. Call Ben: 843-530-8876.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Garmin G3X Touch 10'' EFIS PFD 
    Garmin GTN-650XI GPS/Nav/Com #1
    G3X HSI Nav Indicator #1
    Garmin SL30 Nav/Com #2
    Garmin GI-106A ILS/VOR/LOC Nav Indicator #2
    Garmin GFC-500 AutoPilot 
    Garmin GTX-345 Transponder with ADSB In/Out
    PS Engineering PMA-450B Audio Panel with Bluetooth
    JPI EDM 830 EIS
    Standby Garmin G5 PFD
    Flightstream 210
    Ipad Mini Panel Mount - Come with New Ipad Mini
    WX10 Stormscope 
    Davtron 307FC Intercooler Differential Temp.
    Garmin G3X: 
    Garmin GDU-460 Display 
    Garmin GSU-25D Air Data Computer 
    Garmin GAD-29B Interface Converter for G5
    Garmin GMU-11 Magnetometer 
    Garmin GTP-59 OAT Probe
    Garmin GFC-500: 
    Garmin GMC-507 AutoPilot for Operation from the G3X
    Garmin GSA-28 AutoPilot Servos


    3080 Total Time Airframe 
    Annual Due: July 1st, 2024
    Pitot Static/Altimeter Due: June 1st, 2025
    ELT Battery Due: January 11th, 2028 
    Fuel Capacity: 98 Gallons
    Useful Load: 1269 lbs. 
    No Damage History 
    All logs/Records Since New

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    1344 Since Major Overhaul by Airotec
    Lycoming TIO-540-S1AD
    All Compressions in the 70's 
    Gami Injectors 
    Turboplus Intercooler 
    258 Since Major Overhaul in 2012
    2-Blade Hartzell

    Interior / Exterior

    Interior: New Interior in 2013. Mammut Leather Two Tone Fawn and Hopfen in Beige color. Mammut Leather in Beige Side Panels. Spin City Moonstone
    Carpet (Goldish Beige) - All in Excellent Condition.
    Kool Scoop Pilot Window. Pilot/Copilot Shoulder Harnesses. Executive Passenger Seating. Passenger Center Console and Cup Holder Tray.
    Cabin Air Blower with Overhead and Floor Cabin Air Vents.
    Exterior: Matterhorn White with Gold, Burgundy Red, and Black Accents in Good Condition. Glass in Good Condition. Auxiliary Power Port. Wing Visual Fuel Quantity Indicators. Whelen Orion LED Nav/Strobe Lights. Whelen WAT Boom Bean Bulb LED Landing/Taxi Light


    New Avionics Upgrade
    Avionics Linked and Interfaced to the G3X Touch
    New TurboPlus Intercooler System 
    Gami Injectors 
    Garmin FlightStream 210
    New Aluminum RadioRax Instrument Panel 
    Electric Trim 
    Yoke Mounted AP Disconnect 
    Ipad Mini Panel Mount with Charger
    Go Around Button 
    Whelen Orion LED Nav/Strobe Lights
    Whelen Orion 500 Tail Nav Light
    Whelen WAT Boom Bean Bulb LED Landing/Taxi Light
    Knots2U Aileron Gap Seals, Flap Gap Seals, Flap to Fuselage Seals
    Knots2U Gear Lobe Fairings 
    Intercooler Differential Temp. Reading
    PMA Front and Cargo Door Seals 
    CorrosionX Treatments
    Firewall Heat Shield
    Bogart's Low Loss Copper Battery 
    Hartzell Lite Weight Starter 
    Plane Power Alternator 
    Rapco Air Filters 
    Reiff Engine Preheater System with Oil Cooler Heater