• For Sale
  • 1980
  • N8169Z
  • 32-8024012
  • Marshall, TX USA

210000 $210,000 USD

Samuel Bach

  • CALL (318) 208-2895
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    • For Sale
    • 1980
    • N8169Z
    • 32-8024012
    • Marshall, TX USA

    Samuel Bach


    General Specs (cont.)


    965 SMOH

    965 SMOH




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    Detailed Description

    I'm listing my client's 1980 Piper Turbo Saratoga, a sturdy and reliable aircraft that has been a joy to own and fly. This plane is especially great for anyone who appreciates a classic with solid performance and straightforward maintenance.
    Key Details:
    Total Time: The aircraft has flown 2571 hours, which is relatively low for its age.
    Engine: It has 965 hours since its last major overhaul, and it's been running smoothly ever since.
    Navigation and Autopilot: It's equipped with full IFR capabilities and a GPS, making it ready for all sorts of weather, plus an autopilot system to make longer trips more enjoyable.
    Seating: There's plenty of room with six seats, perfect for family outings or flying with friends.
    Maintenance and Upgrades: The plane has been kept it in great shape with excellent paint and recently installed a new oxygen system, ensuring it's comfortable for higher altitude adventures.
    The Turbo Saratoga is a terrific aircraft because of its spacious cabin and robust payload capacity. Its turbocharged engine performs well at various altitudes, which is great for both short local flights and longer cross-country trips.
    If you're interested or just want to learn more about it, feel free to reach out. I'm happy to share more about what makes this plane special.
    Contact Info:
    Sam Bach 318-208-2895

    Avionics / Equipment

    -King KMA-24 Audio Panel w/3 LMB
    -King KX-155 Nav Com #1 Digital with GS
    -King KX-155 Nav Com #2 Digital 
    -King KI-209 VOR/ILS Nav Indicator #1
    -King KI-208A VOR/LOC Nav Indicator #1
    -King KT-76A Transponder with Encoder
    -King KN-62A DME Digital
    -Trimble 2000 GPS (Approach Plus - IFR Certified) Coupled to autopilot
    -Argus 3000 Moving Map Display
    -Altimatic IIIC Autopilot with altitude hold and GS Coupling
    -Insight Strikefinder

    Interior / Exterior

    Blue Fabric Seats (6 Space Club with table) Blue Side panels & Dark Blue Carpeting 
    Light Tan over White Bottom with Two Blue Center Stripes


    Additional Equipment:
    - Avionics Master Switch
    - Pilot and Co-Pilot Vertical Adjustable Seats
    - Wing Tip Strobes
    - Wing Tip Landing Lights with pulsing option
    - Intercom (6Place)
    - Digital Tachometer
    - Oxygen System
    - Custom Flat Instrument Panel
    - Hamilton Vertical Compass
    - 3 Blade Propeller
    - Graphic Engine Monitor
    - Pilot Mike Buttons
    - Electric Trim
    - Alternate Static Source
    - External Power Plug
    - One Piece Windshield
    - Shadin Fuel Flow Computer
    - Davtron M-655 Multi Meter
    - Pneumatic Door Seal
    - Heated Pitot