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Single Engine Piston Stinson Aircraft Information

Developed from the Model 105 of WWII, the Stinson 108 is a post war civilian aircraft. The 108 has a fabric-covered fuselage, partial leading edge slot on the wings, and ailerons aligned with the trailing edge to reduce stall.

The Stinson Detroiter is a six-seat monoplane used for passenger transport or freight. The initial model was a four-seat biplane that featured cabin heating, an electric starter for the nose mounted engine, and individual wheel brakes. The first models produced were powered by Wright J-5 Whirlwind engines while later models used Wright J-6 engines. The Stinson Junior is a smaller development that is marketed to private owners.

The Stinson Junior was the first aircraft built for private owners with a fully enclosed cabin. The monoplane was developed after the production of the Stinson Detroiter with shorter span high wings, the option of a less powerful engine, and a shorter fuselage to increase its appeal to private owners. The aircraft has sturdy outrigger landing gear braced against the wing struts. The initial models used Warner Scarab engines.

The Stinson L-5 is a post-war model of the Stinson 105 with a stretched fuselage to accommodate one stretcher patient.

The Stinson Reliant series features four to five-seat, single engine, high-wing monoplanes. The series is powered by Lycoming R-680-13 engines.

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