• For Sale
  • 2020
  • N2017
  • TXA003
  • Fort Worth, TX USA

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CJA Charlie Juliet Aviation

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    • For Sale
    • 2020
    • N2017
    • TXA003
    • Fort Worth, TX USA

    CJA Charlie Juliet Aviation

    Caio "Kyle" Braga

    General Specs (cont.)


    153 SNEW

    153 SNEW

    469 lb






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    > Like new Texas Aircraft Colt 100 SL model (TAA configured) with GRS Ballistic Parachute 
    >> New owner has the option to monetize the Colt in a Texas based flight school immediately.
    >>> Profitable and high demand operation
    The Colt is an amazing platform for inexpensive time-build or just to fly for fun. Cross country capable burning 5 gph of AVGAS or MOGAS (no STC needed!). If you know ROTAX engines, you know how reliable and low maintenance they are. And this is one has ONLY 155 hours since new. It has a 3-Blade Sterna Propeller custom designed for the Colt. This is a ground adjustable pitch propeller. The standard settings at 18 degrees gives a nice combination of climb (700 ft per min) with a 100 kts TAS cruise @ 75% power. Have flow in Texas summer at 11.5k ft with the above numbers. The Colt does it all if you're not in a rush and just want to enjoy the ride while the Dynon HDX Skyview Avionics suite does the rest. 2-axis autopilot and fully automated functions with VNAV, NAV, HDG, ALT and VS pre-select.
    Aircraft specifications: 
    Maximum Cruise Speed: 118 knots TAS
    Cruise Speed (Ve) @ 75% Power: 105 knots TAS
    Stall Speed Clean (Vs) 44 knots CAS
    Stall Speed FLAPS (Vse) 38 knots CAS
    Fuel Economy @ 55% Power: 3.6 US Gal/h
    Takeoff Distance (50ft Obstacle): 1,085 feet
    Landing Distance (50ft Obstacle): 1,044 feet
    Climb Rate (Vy): 760 fpm
    Service Ceiling: 14,500ft 
    Empty Weight: 851 lbs**
    Useful Load: 469 lbs empty**
    *All specifications and prices are subjected to change without notice.
    **The weight may vary depending on the aircraft's configuration.

    Avionics / Equipment

    VFR Day + Night configuration:
    Dynon HDX Skyview with: 
    - Main PFD touch screen 
    - Moving map with VFR sectional charts 
    - Integrated Mode C ALT Transponder 
    - Single COM with Stand-By/Monitoring Frequency
    - 2-axis autopilot with pre-select mode for HDG, ALT, VS, IAS
    - VNAV feature. Will descend to pattern altitude at TOD
    - Can be upgrade with external GPS for coupled approaches 
       (training only)
    - ADS B in/out
    - Analogic Backup Instruments (Airspeed, Altimeter and 
      Slip/Skid Coordinator)
    - Bose 6 pins LEMO Headset connector


    • Semi cantilever, high wing design
    • Welded Chromoly Steel Safety Cell, like a Mooney!
    • All Aviation-Grade Aluminum Airframe, solid metal rivets
    • Galaxy GRS Ballistic Parachute System installed
    • Four-point Passenger Safety Harnesses
    • Docile Flight and Stall Characteristics.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Engine: Rotax 912 ULS
    Dual Carburetor with Dual Electronic Ignition
    100 HP @ 5.800RPM
    5.4 Gal/h @ 75% power.
    20 Amp internal energy generator
    TBO 2,000 hours

    Interior / Exterior

    Hand Stitched Yokes and Seats in top quality  Brazilian leather in Beige tone. All other surfaces are covered in beige carpet. No exposed metal surfaces.


    • Financing through our banking partner
    • Affordable insurance available
    * All specifications and prices are subjected to change without 
    * Current Annual and Airworthiness Certificate.
    * No reported damages or incidents
    * Logbooks available upon request
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