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Eurocopter Helicopters - Own a History Of Innovation and Performance
Eurocopter has been producing innovative and top performing helicopters for the past three decades. Based out of Marseille-Provence International Airport near Marseille, France, Eurocopter is an internationally renowned builder of helicopters that embody the best in cutting-edge technology. Eurocopters were the first to offer a production turboshaft helicopter, the first to develop and implement a shrouded tail rotor system, the first helicopter to be certified to fly in full icing conditions, the first fly-by-wire helicopter, and the first one to land on Mt. Everest. Eurocopters create trends, set records, and have established themselves as fiercely competitive helicopters on the global transportation market.

Which Eurocopter Models are Available Today?
The EC120 Colibri is a sophisticated and versatile helicopter that offers a powerful, 504 shaft horsepower Turbomeca engine. With seating for one or two pilots and up to four passengers, the EC120 offers performance, versatility, and value. And, with its fenestron tail rotor configuration, the EC120 is substantially quieter than most other contemporary helicopters.

Eurocopter's EC135 is a larger variant of the EC120 and offers twin turboshaft power - with a combined 1,250+ horsepower to the rotor! This model is designed for those seeking a larger model that can accommodate up to two pilots and seven passengers. With the ability to cruise at nearly 160 miles per hour, the Eurocopter EC135 is a popular model among those who value rugged performance and plenty of seating capacity.

The Eurocopter EC155 is a super-sized version of the EC135, and offers incredible performance in a medium to long-range package. With twin 900+ horsepower engines and a 5,000-pound load capacity, the EC155 can ferry as many as 2 pilots and 13 passengers at a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. This helicopter is smooth, capable, and quiet! Its fenestron tail rotor keeps vibration and noise to minimal levels.

Eurocopter has been setting performance benchmarks for decades. In fact, their X3 is the fastest compound helicopter on the planet - handily beating the Sikorsky X2's record. This helicopter can fly at nearly 300 miles per hour with the help of its additional forward-facing rotors and stub wings.

For the Discriminating Buyer, Eurocopters Deliver Incredible Performance
Eurocopter models are designed for those pilots who want to enjoy an elite flying experience. Loaded with innovative features and always on the cutting edge of design, a Eurocopter rewards its owner with top performance and the ultimate in safety. Trade-A-Plane has multiple sellers - several of them international dealers, who can connect you with the Eurocopter helicopter you desire. At Trade-A-Plane, your Eurocopter is just a click away!