• For Sale
  • 2008
  • N331TP
  • LIV-529
  • Albuquerque, NM USA

279900 $279,900 USD

Robert Devine

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  • For Sale
  • 2008
  • N331TP
  • LIV-529
  • Albuquerque, NM USA

Robert Devine


General Specs (cont.)


4150 HOURS






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Detailed Description

HUGE! Super Price Reduction, no joke has to go, first one to put some skin in the game is going to get it!

🛩️ For Sale: Lancair IV with Turboprop Engine (Experienced Pilots Only)

The wife told me I have too many airplanes I don't fly. She said I don't fly enough to keep this one, so sell it whatever it takes. So a quick fast sale, you might be surprised how low I will go!

It is out of annual since December, but we just replaced a tire and serviced the brakes and started the engine a few days ago. So bring your A&P and fly it away!

So, embark on the adventure of a lifetime with this exceptional Lancair IV, equipped with a powerful turboprop engine. This high-performance aircraft is your ticket to exhilarating speed, unmatched range, and precision engineering.

✨ Features:

Turboprop Engine: Experience the thrill of turbocharged performance, pushing the boundaries of speed and altitude.
Sleek Design: Crafted with precision from composite materials, the Lancair IV boasts a streamlined aerodynamic profile for optimal efficiency.
Advanced Avionics: Navigate with confidence using the latest Garmin avionics suite, providing comprehensive situational awareness and safety features.
Spacious Cabin: Enjoy comfort and style in the four-seat cabin, featuring ergonomic seating and luxurious finishes.
🌟 Exclusively for Experienced Pilots:
This aircraft is tailored for seasoned aviators who demand the utmost in performance and precision. Mastery of flight and a keen understanding of high-performance aircraft are prerequisites for ownership.

🛩️ Own the Skies:
Whether you're a seasoned pilot craving adrenaline-fueled adventures or an enthusiast seeking the ultimate flying experience, the Lancair IV with a turboprop engine delivers unparalleled performance and prestige.

Don't miss this opportunity to soar to new heights. Contact me today to make this dream aircraft yours!

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin 900X (2)
Garmin G3X (1)
VR Avionics DX-1 TSLM Engine Start Control (Prevents Hot Starts)
Tru Track Autopilot
Vertical Power VP-200


The Lancair IV features a sleek composite airframe, typically constructed from carbon fiber or fiberglass materials. This construction method not only contributes to its aerodynamic efficiency but also provides strength and durability. The aircraft's streamlined design minimizes drag, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and performance.

Unique about this Lancair, built with a ventral Fin that extends to the rudder. A ventral fin on an airplane is often referred to as a "ventral stabilizer" or simply a "ventral fin." It is a vertical surface mounted on the underside of the fuselage or tail section of an aircraft to provide additional stability and control, particularly in yaw (side-to-side) motion. These fins help enhance directional stability, especially during maneuvers or in turbulent conditions.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Garrett TPE331-6

2 x EarthX Lithium batteries, starts on battery, when GPU not available.

Dual brakes on each of the main gear. Cleveland

Equipped with air conditioning.

Unique De-Icing system designed by NASA Electro Expulsive Separation System (EESS)

Dual Bus Electrical System

Interior / Exterior

Leather Gray / Navy


Fuel Capacity 170 gallon, 2 wing tanks (55 gallons each) + 1 belly tank (60 gallons)