2004 SOCATA TBM 700C2

  • For Sale
  • 2004
  • SOCATA TBM 700C2
  • N210CL
  • 303
  • Park Rapids, MN USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2004
  • SOCATA TBM 700C2
  • N210CL
  • 303
  • Park Rapids, MN USA

General Specs (cont.)


1938 SNEW






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Low Time with Latest Garmin TXI packages including Autopilot. Pilots door, 5 Blade Hartzell Prop. 
Fresh Service Center C+ Inspections, Immediately available, 1978 TT, 1170 SHOT. SOLD!!! Call Ron 615-405-7925 cell/Whatsapp

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GMA-35C Remote Audio Intercom System

Garmin GTN-750xi Nav/Com/GPS

Garmin GTN-750xi Nav/Com/GPS

Garmin GTX-345DR #1 Transponder

Garmin GTX-335R #2 Transponder

Garmin G-600Txi 10" Pilots EFIS with GSU-75B ADAHRS (RVSM)

Garmin G-600Txi 10" Copilots EFIS with GSU-75B ADAHRS (RVSM)

Garmin GCU-485 EFIS Controller

Garmin GDL-60 Connext LTE/Wifi Datalink with Wifi/BT Interface

Garmin G-600Txi 7" EIS/EFIS Display

Garmin GEA-71B EIS Processor

Garmin GWX-75 Weather Radar

Garmin GI-275 Standby ATT/ALT/AS

Garmin GSB-15 USB Chargers

Garmin GDL-69A XM Weather and Radio

Garmin GFC-600 Autopilot System

Bendix/King KRA-405B Radar Altimeter

Bendix/King IHAS 8000 Traffic and Terrain (TAWS B)

L-3 WX-500 Stormscope system

Artex ELT


Whelen LED Nav/Strobe Lights per SB

Whelen Landing/Taxi per SB

Pulse Light Anti-collision System

VAD 100 VoiceAlert per SB

Pilot Door

Engines / Mods / Prop

ENGINE:Pratt/Whitney PT6A-64 s/n PCE-PM0183 TT: 1938

SOH: 1938.    SHSI: 1170

Prop Hartzell 5 Blade

Interior / Exterior

Beautiful Gray Leather

White/Blue with Red and Silver accents

Pilot Door


Recently completed the best and most complete avionics upgrade Garmin offers as a retrofit for high performance turbo props, New flight Instruments Dual G-600Txi meets RVSM requirements, engine instrumentation system GEA-71B w dedicated 7" G-600Txi display, autopilot system with smart glide and emergency descent GFC-600, dual touch screen nav/com/GPSs GTN-750xi, weather radar GWX-75, SXM datalink weather and radio GDL-69A, standby ATT/ALT/AS with battery GI-275, dual transponders GTX-345R with diversity meets "Canadian space based ADSB requirements", the new GDL-60 connext datalink interfaces tablets and phones with new avionics and also connects with Garmin servers for auto database up