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Single Engine Piston Fairchild Aircraft Information

The Fairchild 24 is a single engine monoplane. A light transport aircraft, the 24 was used by the US Army Air Corps and the Royal Air Force. The 24 is a development of the Fairchild 22 series. The first models seated two and a third and fourth were added to later models.

The development of the 24 series came from the need for a rugged and reliable small aircraft that could be used for business or personal use during the Great Depression. Noted for its roomy interior and pleasant handling, the 24 adapted man automotive concepts such as expansion shoe brakes and roll down cabin windows. Throughout the duration of production, minor changes were made to the design in the variations the most substantial being a redesign of the vertical tail fin.

The aircraft is powered by two powerplants, a Warner Scarab and Fairchild Ranger series engines. Later models were sometimes powered by a Cirrus or Menasco Pirate inline engine and then up to a Warner Super Scarab. The 24 was designed for landing on unimproved grassy airfields so the undercarriage was a sturdy construction with a vertical oil dampened cylinder above the wheel and a pivoting strut on the lower fuselage. The landing gear can also be modified to fit twin floats.

The Pt-19 features a cantilever low-wing design with a tandem seating, open air cockpit. The landing gear and tailwheel are fixed and the design is based around the aircraft's tandem seating. The aircraft has a rugged, fabric covered welded steel tube fuselage with the rest of the body made of plywood. The narrow frontal area increased visibility and fit an inline engine well.

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